Photo Blogged

Stella-in-rose“Is she serious!!???”

“I can’t believe it. There are only two of them and they already have their own blog!!!???!!!

“Oh no she didn’t.”

“Take a look. It’s called Fashion Doll Art.” I think Stella was behind this.

We are all stunned. April ditched her “April_n_Paris” blog (about life in the French capital) and donated the space to the Tonner girls! I mean, like we know Tyra has been overlooked for absolutely everything. She’s only written one post here and everything. Up until the arrival of Stella, she had no friends or family her own size. But pull-eze. She had to have her own blog! Ha! Like April is ever going t keep that up. With all that goes into keeping up her main site, “Fashion Doll Stylist,” it’s all she can do to help us maintain this blog. And, it’s not supposed to have many words. How interesting could that be?

And yet, she swears, it won’t take that much time. I took a look and she doesn’t promise the regularity of the posts. And yet…..for the moment, she has posted pictures to it every day since it began three days ago! All I know is that she’d better keep her main blog going. Or all of us will be out of a job.Tyra-in-pink-bwn

For all of the uninitiated, April has a new blog that is limited to the Tonner dolls and it features the modeling pix of Tyra and her new best friend, Stella. We’ve also heard a rumor that a third girl is coming on Friday. That makes three! April is saying she does not intend to bring anyone else new into the house….but that’s what she said after Anna and Nadja arrived here last month. In any case, for the record, the rest of us think to start a blog for two or three dolls is excessive. And April also makes the claim that this Fashion Doll Art is not about clothe, only the photography.Stripes6

We’ve been watching her mull over photos of famous fashion photographers like Steven Meisel, Hiro, Nathaniel Goldberg, Solve Sundsbo…. And we’ve been standing on the sidelines looking on as April drapes fabric over Stella and Tyra, stuffs them into plastic containers, shines bright lights over their heads then takes their pictures. Strange how concepts which are really no clothes at all, comes across as very exotic real clothes. April even draped a bunch of fake hair over Stella’s head. It looked like a rat’s nest in person, but was so high fashion in the pictures. How odd! But we do all have to admit, the photos are amazing.

That said, what we cannot figure out is….what’s in it for those dolls! They don’t get much in the way of the  clothes and perks the rest of us get. And it’s only two or three dolls. Who could possibly be interested in looking at their pictures?





3 responses to “Photo Blogged

  1. Once again, great draping….. ah, to be swathed in such luxury fabrics of varied stripes so to flow away in…… Really gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE Fashion Doll Art! Pure eye candy and not much effort needed to get uplifted by the gorgeous photos. I’m not on BlogSpot but have subscribed via feed. Keep up the very clever work. I love how you pull it all together and it isn’t always by laborious sewing.

    • Thank you EmilyAnn. I began the photoblog after being invited to upload my pix to the Tonner doll website, “Doll Duels.” The photo blog allows me to research & experiment with the techniques of master fashion photography but using dolls for models. It is a nice break from the Stylist site. But it still requires lots of thought! Thank you for following!

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