Springtime in Paris


Devine Ms. Gunilla

It’s been a long time….but finally, we’re back at the keyboard! So much has happened.


Us dressed in Dolly Patrick Kelly.

April took her usual contingency of models to Paris with her for 6 weeks. This time she brought Karen along with the new girls, Monica and Veronique. Usually, those of us who reside in Paris have plenty to say, but this time, April kept us so busy, we had no time to write.


Stella in lush, Taste of Orient photo.

Well, April also brought over two big girls. Stella and Gunilla. Our friends back in the house had written to tell us about them but we were a bit surprised April brought them so soon after their arrival. In true form, they were put right to work. Of course, there was also lots of work for the rest of us. My goodness, there were lots of exhibitions: Patrick Kelly: Runway of Love at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, then afterwards the Dries Van Noten at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs and the Vintage Barbie expo at the doll museum in Paris. That represented quite a bit of work right there. And then there were the jeans, the how-to-wrap-a-pareo project and the feather dresses!

Okay, enough already about work…. the most interesting part of the trip for the girls was watching Stella and Gunilla pose for their photo blog. Quite interesting! Gunilla’s images are also doing well on the Tonner website, “Doll Duels.” In fact, one of her photos made the leaderboard as a top doll in the Antoinette doll category. Congratulations Ms. Gunilla!


Monica & Karen: 2 Birds of a Feather

Stella didn’t do so badly either. April styled Stella in a lush setting for the June Doll Observer’s Challenge, “Taste of the Orient,” which knocked the socks off all the other members. My goodness, she is stunning! We all really love those dolls.

And then there was Aria, the French Barbie. She did her first photo shoot and is STILL in seventh heaven. She even got the cover shot for the scarf wrapped fashions. April offered to take her to the States, but Aria did not want to leave Paris.

And so everyone is gone now, leaving just us five girls alone, once again. But we all made out like bandits. We negotiated (and April agreed) to let us keep all of the clothes she made during this trip!!! That was so nice of April.


Aria’s first photo shoot, Down in D Islands!

We miss her already! Oh April, come back real soon…and don’t forget to bring friends!!!!