The Stella Effect



It’s seldom I take to the keyboard. But ever since April surprised me with a bevy of new friends, I cannot tell you how much fun I’ve been having.

Stella is amazing. Right after she arrived in the house she insisted April make her a pair of underpants. LOL!!! Then she insisted April make me a pair as well. And after the arrivals of the other two girls, she’s order more panties for each and all of us! Though she did join me on the piano top for a moment, she insisted I come back up to the room to hang out with the “regular” gang of dolls. While April had no intentions of using me for her editorial photo shoots, Stella insisted I be included for those sessions.

Blk-satin-Tyra2I mean, it’s not like April never photographed me before. In fact, she has always put me on some sort of pedestal, telling everyone how beautiful I am. But now Stella has pulled me into those very special editorial photo shoots and as a result, me and my friends have our own blog. Who would have thought???Tulle-Tyra3

April took Stella and Gunilla to Paris with her. I know that. She couldn’t take me because of the other dolls she had to take to keep her blog going. I really didn’t mind. I did, after all, get the trip to Trinidad five years ago! But Stella was not happy and has vowed to get me to Paris at a later date. As far as the spring trip is concerned, the girls had a great time but did not forget me. They bought me a hat!!!


Lovely Lana, my newest friend.

Also, thanks to Stella, April has set her sights on us big girls. Though my blog does not rely on clothes, April has begun to create special items for us. Moreover, I have a brand new (gorgeous) friend….Lana. Lana really looks like singer, Rihanna. She has super long coppery brown locks and sculpted cheekbones. (And she’s another doll of color!!!) April put her right to work and she looked absolutely fabulous especially in the vermillion red silk chiffon dress April created just for her!

We are all having a blast upstairs in April’s room. I know, eventually, we’ll make it back down to the piano top, but in the meantime I feel like I’m the luckiest doll in the plastic universe!!! All thanks to my bella Stella!


Sensational Stella…my BFF.

Okay, April… where are those underpants you promised!