A Star is Born…

Feather-dusters-Lana3Hi. My name is Lana. I just arrived in the house last week and I must say, I am quite happy to be here. You see, this is my THIRD home!!!! But unlike the first two owners, I think this is for real this time. My other owners took one look at me and sent me on my way. My self esteem kind of took a hit, you know. I wasn’t even given a chance. The last person said I wasn’t the skin tone she was looking for. But with April…well things seem to be different this time around.

RedFirst of all, April had named me prior to my arrival. She wanted to call me Rihanna because I resemble the pop star, but April was afraid the name would only serve to confuse people when she posts my picture on her blog. (BTW…I did hear we have our own photo blog. Tres cool!) And, she completely unboxed me, cutting all my ties to the original packaging. That gave me a clue that this very well could turn out to be my permanent home. I was introduced to the dolls in the rest of the house including Tyra, Stella and Gunilla, dolls my own size! We are upstairs in April’s room. I’m told at some point we will head down to the piano, but Stella seems to be in control over that and for the moment, we’re sitting pretty in April’s room, getting to know each other, hangin’ out, having fun.

StarIt hasn’t been all fun and games. April looked at me from all different angles. She played with my hair. “Too long” she told me. For the moment she hasn’t touched it, but I know she intends to take a bit off. “It’s all in the name of fashion, my dear,” she explained. I don’t care. So long as I look hot!  After the first few days, April put me to work and I’ve been doing photo shoots practically every day since. Stella tells me this is quite normal. And yes, I’ve already been featured on Fashiondollart.BlogSpot.com dressed in….feathers! I did not think I was all that attractive up until now. Clearly my looks did not incite people to hold on to me. But now that I’m in the hands of April, I am very surprised to see how fabulous I can look in April’s pictures. Who knew?

There is more news happening in the house, but I’ll let one of the Barbies bring you up to date. In the meantime, let me tell you a secret….. Yeah, I know, I’m not supposed to tell before the photos are published but what doll you know can hold a secret! April is working on a photo series called “Star Power” sorta inspired by the real Rihanna. It may even result in a real wardrobe (which the other girls tell me is exceptionally rare)! We’ve already begun the photo shoots–though we have to re-do some of the other shots. I am sooooooo excited. Feeling so empowered. Viva April. Viva la Doll Power!!!!Star2