Promises Kept…


Renauld, the new house hunk!

If you remember a while ago, the dolls of the house met with April and made certain demands. More shoes, more male dolls, fewer new girl dolls and the work load more evenly distributed. Well, April is a woman of her word and over the past few months we have made measurable strides!


Karen and Richard’s new party gear.

Okay, so quite naturally we are ecstatic over the increase in shoe budget. Not only are there enough shoes for us to make choices, but April also bought a few pairs of designer footwear for us. And…she even bought that really cool harness belt we spotted on Herve Leger along with the matching boots! Super cool!!!


Tonner girls chillin’ between photo shoots.

Though there are a few more girls in the house, they are from the Amazonian tribe of Tonnerdolls!!!! And I must say….we Barbies thought those gorgeous Royalty girls were from another planet. But the Tonner girls are from another universe! Gorgeous beyond belief! And so down to earth. They’ve relinquished the piano and are upstairs hangin’ out with the rest of us!  The best thing, they pose no threat to our situation. Though the rest of us smaller dollies were afraid we’d lose out on clothes and modeling bookings, we can honestly say it hasn’t happened. April has remained focused on us and our needs.

After the trip from Paris, April returned with some gorgeous little feather dresses that were snapped up immediately. But the  new blue Chanel bag had us all fighting over it.

But the best part just happened…… there’s a new Ken doll in the house! His name is Renauld (named after Renauld White, top male model of the 1970’s). And boy, is he handsome!!!!! April put him immediately to work and while he was posing, everybody just stopped, watched and drooled! The problem is, we’re all too intimidated by his looks to say much to him. Hope he doesn’t think we don’t like him…


Richard & Lee’s Wedding shot


Stella the great

Richard and Lee, on the other hand, were sent to Hawaii to pose for a wedding picture, later posted on Doll Observers. Their namesakes celebrate their first (real) wedding anniversary on July 3! Both are really handsome in their embroidered linen suits.  April is getting so much better  with her menswear! In one of her latest blog posts, she made this really hot beaded vest for Richard. We’re nicknaming him “Clubbin’ Ken.” He really rocks the look!

Okay so, you know what’s coming…..


Renauld in Dior, our latest poster guy!

Our newest letter to our beloved doll mom: Dear April. Your attempts of settling our union demands are most admirable.  We are loving all the new pairs of shoes, boots and designer accessories you bought for us. And, we might add, your taste in clothes is superb as is your taste in male dolls! Monica wrote us from Paris to tell us about the first male doll you tried to adopt. We are very sad things did not work out there, but we do appreciate your attempts find someone else for us.  We’re not sure where you found Renauld, but could you bring us a bunch more just like him?!!! No pressure.