Wild Bird

Isabella-in-feathers4Guess who just flew in! C’est moi! Some people know me as Precarious “Wild Bird” (from the Tonner Doll Antoinette family) but now I am part of April’s very large tribe of dolls.

I think Stella had something to do with my being here but she’s tight lipped so I’m not sure. Another doll was originally supposed to come, but something went awry with the paperwork and somehow, I was chosen to come instead. The word on the street is that Stella didn’t want any other doll competing with her good friend, Gunilla. The other girl wasn’t a blonde or anything, but she had a very similar look to Gunilla. Stella–who I believe is April’s advisor when it comes to us big girls– decided each new doll should be completely different. It does make sense. In any case, it’s me who’s here now and I don’t think there are any regrets. Isabella-in-feathers

I really do have a very different look. How many dolls do you know with jet black hair and green lipstick? Some think I’m Goth, but I’m really not. My proportions are a bit longer than the other Tonner girls. I have extremely long black hair, long eyelashes and very dark eye shadow. But as April has discovered….I photographed really, really well. And, she does change up my makeup from time to time.

Isabella-in-black-satin6There are sooooo many dolls in this house. But they all seem to be quite nice. Most are little (12″) but they are all really gorgeous. There are only five of us tall girls, but a gazillion Barbies. Sometimes they fight….over clothes, shoes, bags and……Ken dolls. (Most of the younger ones are vying for the attention of, who I understand, are the latest two guys to come to the house.) They’re too small for me, but it’s fun to sit by and watch the action in the house!


That’s me on a Giambattista Valli’s catwalk!

Well…as to be expected, April put me immediately to work. I’ve already made my first appearance on the photo blog, I walked my first couture show in Paris and I’ll be part of the couture coverage on April’s other blog. I can’t complain. After all, that’s what I’m here for! But from the looks of things, I’m not the only “wild bird” in the bunch. There’s a bunch of Barbies in bird dresses on April’s dresser! Ha, ha, ha!!!!!




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  1. It’s all so stunning! I would love to wear the feathered skirt at the top of the page. It’s me and I can so relate to that level of sophistication and imagination. Also, stars for those stripes!! They’re great. – O

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