Boys Night Out


“Nice ride, Zak. Luv the butterfly doors on your Ferrari!”

“Forget the car, I feel like I died and went to heaven. Nothing like being surrounded with angels!”

Men's-basic-slim-jacket“Yeah, me too. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, myself.”

“Ha, ha, ha…Me, More like a wolf in a chicken coup. Grrrrrrr.”

“I cannot BELIEVE how many gorgeous babes are here under one roof!”

“Yeah and they think nothing of undressing in front of us. OMG!”

“Yeah, did you pick up on the action at Chanel beach?”


“I just arrived in the house and I have no idea where to start. And I see all of their eyes on me each time I move about the room. In fact, when I first arrived, I was mesmerized by this dark chocolate doll. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And then I saw her twin sister who is just a little bit talker than her. My, my, my….what a talk drink of java!

“And look at you, Zak…. all decked out in tangerine leather to match that Ferrari nearby.”Shirt-graphic-duet

“Yeah…. it’s a real doll magnet!! I’ve been here for awhile and I can tell you….it NEVER gets old. By the way, did you see all of the shoes that arrived this morning. All for us. Along with the clothes, the trips and……the girls. At first I was into the Phat sisters. But got into a little trouble there. They kiss and they tell. Gotta watch out for that in the house, you know. The older Barbies look out for the younger ones. They go straight to April and tattle!”

Jacket-2-close-up“Hey, you’ve gotta have more swag than that! You gotta win over ALL the ladies!

“Personally I LOVE those tall girls over there. If I were just a little bit taller, I’d be all over that Stella babe! In fact, any of those Tonner girls could win my heart….(and the rest of me!!!)”

“Ha! What makes you so sure they’re into you. I think all of them are looking for someone taller, darker and more handsome. You know, like those Fashion Royalty Homme guys. I don’t think they’d be won over our Ken family.”

“Speak for yourself. There are Ken dolls and there are Ken dolls.  I am a Ken doll par excellence!!! For the moment, the girls haven’t seen an FR guy up close and personal so we’re the best looking things in reach! Moreover, the girls have already posted MY picture in the last blog posting. I’m the newest “hunk!!! They even spelled my name right, “R-E-N-A-U-L-D.”

“What makes you think you’re so special?”Alex-Wang-outfit

“I’m a hunky guy. Not like the rest of you with those silly grins on your faces. Nothing soft here. I’m a hard body with a six-pack.”

“Getting back to the subject at hand. How many babes our size are in the house?”

“I don’t know. But I’ll tell you one thing. We have a really good thing going on here and it is NOT in our interest to spread the word!”

“Wait a minute…look at what’s going on there on the other side of the room. I think the girls are on the internet looking at pix of guy dolls. What??!!! They want more guys!! I just don’t understand women.”

Hey, Renauld….nice Lamborghini you got there!”




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  1. Wow! The guys’ orange leather and white jackets really cut it for me! They say a lot – masculine with style. They fit right into the lamburgini class of guy!

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