On the Move


The crowd atop the chest of drawers! (You’re only seeing part of it!)


The divine Ms. Tyra!

This is the time of year when April gets the urge to organize. Last year we got a closet for our clothes and drawers for our accessories and sewing do-dads. Quite naturally, we have outgrown everything. So, once again, April is looking into more storage. She also had the brilliant idea of bringing us all together in the same room. This after complaints by certain individuals about not ever having the “privilege” of being in the “in” spot! (Can you imagine!?!)

And so one by one, April brought all the fashion dolls in from the “Trini” room. She improvised a little two-set podium atop the chest of drawers and squeezed more dolls onto the dresser. OMG!!! Dolly Grand Central Station! We all spent the night together in this very congested room. At first the Trini girls were delighted, then by morning they were all migrated back to their original space. I guess the grass on the other side was not so green when littered with scores of dolls!


Dark Chocolate

A bit of good news I have to report is the fact that Tyra’s “Fashion Doll Art” blog has not taken time away from April’s original blog, “Fashion Doll Stylist.” We don’t know how she does it, but April has remained pretty faithful to her original mission of making clothes to fit us, the 12″ dollies (which includes the Kens). Still, I must say that the Art blog is looking mighty fine, especially when you consider no clothes are created for our big sisters’ photo shoot.

The funny thing is that on one of the previous posts, April treated the girls to a day at the spa. Oh my, how they were delighted! (In fact the rest of us were quite jealous, at first.) They all were given facials complete with fruit and veggie masks. Oh, how soothing. But while they were relaxing, April pulled out a camera and began recording the event. Quelle surprise! By the time the girls realized what was happening, April had already uploaded the photos online.


Dolly Spa Day

By the time April came back to take more photos, the girls had wiped their faces, put on sunglasses and thrown their hands up. “No, no, no! Please stop! We don’t want to be photographed like this!” Too late. That photo has already gone viral!

But the best is yet to come. Tyra has decided the time has come to invite some of her 12″ friends to pose for her blog. Nichelle, Jordan, Katoucha and Barbara were photographed yesterday for an upcoming post called, “Dark Chocolate.” We are so happy the big girls have decided to share their blog with the rest of us! Spa-diva-stop


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