Aayeesha1NEVER underestimate a Tonner doll diva!!!!! My name is Aayeesha. No, I am not named after some so-called supermodel nor was I named after an actress. I wanted my own identity. So when April asked me who I was and what my name was I told her….AAYEESHA.

When my previous doll dad first put me up for adoption, I noticed there was someone who kept looking at my photo. I discovered it was someone named April. After a little bit of research, I learned about the her blogs, the generous way she treats her dolls and a lifestyle that could turn into fairly lucrative career as a model! I also heard she had all the dolls she needed and wasn’t taking anyone new. But, I thought, surely she could use one more girl. After all, she has not seen me AND she does not have a gorgeous Indian in the house. Maybe she’ll bend the rules and take me on. But no. I never heard back from her….at first. But I’m not one to give up.


Me and my BFF, Tyra

And so my doll dad put me back up for adoption under…let’s just say…..more advantageous conditions. My luck, it drew the attention of another person. No No! I’d rather to go with April. And so, through the dolly pipeline, I put out a message out to the other Tonner dolls in the house soliciting their help. “We’re not sure what we can do, Aayeesha.”  I put on a really pretty shade of red lipstick, touched up my eye makeup and opened my eyes really wide each time April stopped on my photo. How could she resist?  It only made the other person want me more.  So (and you really must not tell anyone), I frowned and made sour faces to them as if to say….”don’t even imagine you can own a doll like me!” I’m not sure if it worked because while I was busy plotting and being slightly bitchy…..in a flash….April made a bid and stole me away! My dreams came true!!

And in true fashion, after my arrival, I was taken out of the box and put into a gorgeous white gown and then placed on a beautiful baby grand piano next to Tyra. Still something wasn’t quite right. Why hadn’t she photographed me first? I was expecting a photo shoot. Tyra told me to chill. “April’s probably tired, Aayeesha. She wasn’t planning for a new doll and over the past couple of weeks, she’s been quite busy making designer luggage, umbrellas and now there’s fashion week to prepare for. Plus, she doesn’t shoot unless she’s got a really cool idea.” She said, once April gets going with me, there would be no rest. Before she finished her sentence, April snatched me up, put me into the photobox and my first photo shoot began. I was surprised. She didn’t take my hairstyle apart, instead she used wigs to glam up my look….something she learned while she worked at a beauty magazine years ago. When it was all finished, I could not believe the photos were me. OMG! She made me look even more gorgeous than I thought! Better yet, she immediately submitted my photo to Tonner Doll Duels and the next feature on Fashion Doll Art is all about moi! I’m a star! Ok April….bring on the clothes!!!!

What, no clothes? Really?!!! I’ll have to see about that!!!!!