The Aliens Amongst Us

Homeless-1st-girlMy friends, we have a “situation!”

A few nights ago, April’s dad came to our room with something in his hand. “What is THAT?,” we wondered. It was a very strange looking doll with a Barbie body and a big head. We all had a look of horror on our faces. OK, we understand the Royalty girls and the Tonner girls joining our clan–after all they are drop dead gorgeous….like us—but this creature? Well, April took the poor doll out of the room. Out of sight, out of mind. We thought nothing more. Then yesterday, the dog doo really hit the fan when three more of the same doll, three Bratz dolls and a dozen old Barbies and Kens arrived on our doorstep, unannounced! Somehow they had found their way to our beloved haven. Our exclusive Barbie pipeline had been hacked! We were being invaded by a small mob of homeless dollies who had somehow heard about our little paradise in April’s house and decided to pay us a visit!


Homeless-dolly-bathThe dolls were all dirty and smelled of mildew. They had bags of tacky clothes and assorted junk with them. They had been squatting in a series of garages and basements until they could make their way to us. How could April have let them into the house!!! Chaos broke as we peeked in the livingroom and saw them. What on earth were they doing in the livingroom in full sight of the piano, the most prestigious spot in the house!What was April thinking!!?!! Things calmed down a bit when we heard April tell her dad she would get them cleaned up and find some other home to welcome them. Now that more like it!Homeless-Bratz

With that, April whisked them all away to the bathroom for a bath and shampooed hair. There were two guys in the bunch, and they too, were in pretty bad shape as well. They were dirty and had bite marks on their arms. They were losing their heads. Life in the street had been hard. Both the girls’ and boys’ clothes were stripped off and the work in the bathroom begun. The dollar store dollies downstairs (who reside on the buffet cabinet in the dining room–had watched everything go down and decided to cheer them on. They were happy to see April was caring for these poor unfortunate dollies. They explained to the newly arrived, how April had taken them in a couple of years prior. “Maybe we’ll have the same luck,” they answered back. “We’d love to stay. All we’ve heard on the street is how April’s house is THE place to be for fashion dolls. We even fantasized about having modeling careers!”

Homeless-girls-clean-upMany of these dolls cleaned up quite well. And none of us in the rest of the house minded April giving away the tacky Mattel clothes we had arrived in. The new girls looked quite happy with those duds. And we were only to happy to forget those un-chic traces of our origins. But chaos broke out once again when April brought a couple of those Barbies into OUR room to try on OUR clothes! “Oh no she didn’t!” Snap, snap. “THAT doll cannot wear MY black knit dress.” “Don’t even think about putting on MY silver suit on her…..or MY shoes.” Things got ugly.Homeless-guys-before

It was so bad, April stopped what she was doing to remind us how fortunate we were and how we must show compassion to the less fortunate. “There are dolls whose adopted moms abandon them before throwing them in the trash,” she explained. She said the next nasty remark would result in our being relocated to another home. The room grew silent. We were reminded how greedy and spoiled we had all become. Moreover, the new dolls didn’t come empty-handed. They had brought with them…more shoes as a peace offering!Homeless-1st-girl-friends2

Unbeknownst to everyone in our room, was what was going on in the Trini room, next door. While we were screaming and grabbing clothes, the dolls next door, many older Barbies themselves, welcomed the new girls. They made deals with them to take their place while they looked to improve their own situation. Jamilia traded that gorgeous yellow muslin gown that had come from Trinidad, to pursue a modeling job on the piano. This was her first time out of the Trini room and she was ecstatic. Chrystele, who is still in a feather dress, is working on replacing herself so she can rejoin us in the main room. Even Diana in her red gown has engaged in talks. “The way we see it, it was a win-win situation for everyone involved!” explained Jamilia. The new dolls are willing to wear ANYTHING!!!!”

Homeless-Trini-swapStill, the smiles on the faces of everyone in our room did not return until this morning. The girls were in heated discussion when April came through the door with the new guys all cleaned up and dressed.  It was like the sun coming out on an otherwise, grey day. Everyone’s eyes got big and they stood taller as they begun to flirt. “More guys and more shoes, too,” they squealed. “Nothing wrong with that” And so, everything went back to normal. Or so they thought.Homeless-guys-clean-up

April’s dad announced today, he had spotted another trail of homeless dolls their way to the house!

“What the……???”

“Okay, it’s time to have our programmer write a new code for our dolly communications channel and we also need to change our passwords so no one else gets here unless we say so!

“Maybe change the address and camouflage the house as well!”

But Myotte (a Dollar Store dolly rolled her eyes and laughed, “Maybe, you divas are scared of being replaced by the new generation of models!!!!”


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  1. I could not stop reading about the situation. It was concerning for a bit but I am glad to see the issue may have been resolved. Thanks for sharing. I am sorry I have not been around for a little while. I will try to change that.

    • Hi Debra. Welcome back. Well, things were a bit tense when this new crowd arrived. But things have a way of working themselves out! Pssstt. The dolls did manage to derail other “strange” dolls from finding their haven!

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