Overnight Success


C’est moi, Jerry!

Well, maybe it’s not overnight and maybe it’s not yet a real success…..BUT…I could not wait to share my incredibly amazing news. My name is Jerry. Yes, April not only gave me a name but she named me after Jerry Hall because of my beautiful blond hair. I am one of the very small select number of homeless Barbies–who you read about in the last post–welcomed into THE doll room. Jenny, a Fashionista in charge of welcoming all new dolls into the house, immediately took a liking to me. We instantly became BFF’s. Inasmuch as she is the ONLY doll of her kind in the house, I suppose such a friendship was inevitable. Anyway, thanks to her, April immediately started trying clothes on me. She fiddled with my hair and tried many different clothes on me. I am happy to report, I now have a HOT NEW look and I couldn’t be happier. I have been dreaming about this for years!!!


New makeover, HOT look!

You’ve heard how the late actress Lana Turner was discovered in a soda shop then transformed into a star. Well, its sorta what happened to me. April did test (photo) shots of me and was pleased enough to get me booked into a couple shows during fashion month. Can you imagine! The younger girls on the European runways provided just the right opening for a few of us new dollies. Michelle, another homeless doll, got that rare chance to appear in April’s Doll’s Eye View of the Milan collections. She was photographed in a Dolly Moschino outfit. The craziest thing here is that Moschino’s collection took their inspiration from us Barbies. April takes her inspiration from high fashion designers. So Michelle imitated a human imitating a doll! FUNNY!!!!! All the dolls had big laughs about that one.


Michelle on the Moschino catwalk! You go, doll!

She was so excited, she could hardly stand up straight. Of course those mile high platform shoes didn’t help any. Michelle was named after one of April’s friends, Michelle Thompson who was once a top model in Atlanta. When she returned to the Trini room where she now resides, all the other dollies applauded her! They could not believe her luck!


Trini room dollies all dressed up!

The “Trini room,” by the way, was named after the dolls who were given to April. It’s a small orange room with lots of sunlight and baby dolls that populated April’s late mother’s collection. The chest of drawers is our domain. There are older Barbies there as well. None of us mind the room. In fact it is quite cheerful. We’re just happy we all made it to the house! April still has not given names to the many in our clan. The dolls won’t tell her what they were named prior to their arrival because they are hoping to get glamorous new names along with the privilege of remaining in the house and pursuing modeling careers.


Aria’s US twin sister, Arianna

One doll did disclose her name…Arianna. “Do you know my sister?” she asked. What a small world. As it turns out, her long lost twin sister (who is French) resides in April’s apartment in Paris. Small world! April took an immediate liking to her. Arianna was fitted for an outfit for Milan fashion week, but unfortunately, it was photographed on another doll. I mean like…..the dolls in April’s clan are super beautiful, super professional. When those dolls realized April had selected a few of us for photo shoots, they immediately stepped up their game. I suppose, it was their way to show us newbies…”how things are done!”


Totally cool! Me & my BFF, Jenny!

Okay, so we have along ways to go. But at least, tensions are easing up in the house. Me and two others are the lucky ones to procure spots on April’s doll team. Who knows, their might be others. But for now, me, Arianna and Michelle can attest….Life is good in the house of April!

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  1. Oh, and the yellow ruffled, pink edged trim dress is a reminder of an early Dior….however did you do it….?

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