What’s in a Name?


C’est moi. COCO. Arianna’s in the back.

Hi everybody. I was just awarded a name. It’s “Coco.” I am absolutely thrilled because having this new name means that I will be permanently residing in the house!!! Little by little, April has begun coming up with names for some of us…but not all… The residents tell me that April won’t name those not intended stay on.

As a newbie, I work as a fit model. My hair was restyled and some of the other dolls tell me that I’m actually quite pretty. Who knows. I may make it onto April’s blog, after all. My sister Michelle walked the Moschino show in Milan last month. She is currently in the Trini room wearing that famous yellow gown. Arianna, another one of us who was found to be the long lost twin of April’s French dolly, Aria, also works as a fit model. Another doll in the Trini room was just given a name…it’s Yvette. Meanwhile Jerry is doing VERY well. She was featured on April’s blog, posing in a Dolly Haider Ackermann jumpsuit. She was THAT close to getting the cover!!! Nonetheless, her picture was featured on Twitter. She’s running with the big girls now.


Yvette–she just received this new name!

But there are still many others who do not have names. With the holidays soon approaching, they are worried about where they will land. They have grown to really love the house. So we, the new occupants banded together and elected a doll advocate…Genny.

We chose Genny because, while she is part of the household team of (young) Barbies, she is the most sympathetic to our cause. Tensions have eased in the house and things have gotten to be quite….well you could say….normal!

Genny, doll advocate.

Genny, doll advocate.

Gen told us that April will probably hold onto the Barbies, but sadly, she has neither the room nor the vocation to expand with other doll species.  However, she has promise to find good, loving homes for the Bratz and their buddies for Christmas. And, they will be sent off with a trunk-load of clothes! While it saddens us that all who made the journey to this house will eventually be split up, we do understand.

There is much more going on in the house than I have time to write about today. We have been learning how things work around here with regard to the piano, the New Year’s Eve parties, and the like. You could say…we have our work cut out for us. But I’ll let someone else tell you all about that…….

Wow! Look at Jerry! Once a homeless dolly, now a superstar!

Wow! Look at Jerry! Once a homeless dolly, now a superstar!