Can you make that in black?


Dolls in Black-New Years 2014

In exactly two months, it will be Christmas Eve. There’s been quite a bit of chatter throughout the house. Yes, there is the trip to Paris next week and a few of the dolls have engaged in heated discussions over who should go. But more importantly than that, we have noticed how many of the dolls in the house have been encouraging April to make our outfits in black.

For those of us new in town, we thought that was mighty curious. There are some gorgeous colors in colorful prints and we didn’t quite understand why everyone suddenly wants April to make things in black. I tried asking a few of the others what was going on. But the girls are tight lipped and only offered a slight smile. Finally Genny broke her silence and explained the real deal.HC-cover2

“It’s about the holiday parties, especially the New Year’s Eve gala. The others in the house know they don’t have a chance of getting invited to the party on the piano unless they are properly dressed. For Christmas it means red, white or gold. But for New Year’s, it means anything that passes as formal wear in black or silver. Even if you don’t get invited to the party on the piano, you won’t even be let into the living room unless you are dressed in a certain way. So the only way to be sure you’ll gain entry is to come dressed in black. Not just ordinary black, but high fashion black!

Those of us newbies are simply in shock to learn there are parties! We had no idea! No wonder the regulars are so secretive about April’s house. While we were on the street, we had heard about April, but only in the context of her blog and potential modeling careers. Talk about spoiling her girls. Ribbon-dance

And so now, the pressure is on to find outfits for the holidays. We know April is on her way back to Paris next week. That will give some of us time to figure out where she hides all her black stuff–fabric, ribbon, trim, anything. We are even looking at how April once wound satin ribbon around a doll for a series of art photos. What ever works!  The truth is, most of the black dresses are spoken for. And we don’t know if April has time to make everyone else something to wear. So we’ve been looking around the houses for ideas. Worse comes to worse, we’ll rummage through her drawer filled with handkerchiefs and Voila….party-ready Hankie Couture!