Prince Charmings

IMG_1330-0It’s almost time for April and the girls to return home. We all love her trips overseas because she always returns with goodies for the rest of us not privileged to accompany her to Paris.

Usually the “treats” consist of fabric to make us more clothes, perfume (in doll size bottles), or jewelry. But this year, our doll friends who permanently reside in Paris tipped us off that a VERY special present is on its way.

They didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but we prodded and pleaded until Sissilie caved in and told us it was two male dolls. Fashion Royalty Hommes to be exact. Hunky men dollies with hottie bodies!!!!!

Sissilie said that the photo shoot with the quilted jackets was problematic because the girls there fought over who got to stand next to Xavier. A brawl broke out and the dolls were all over the floor. It was so bad, April stopped the shoot and screamed at the dolls to stop. Ha! Wait till he gets over here. April will have quite a bit on her hands!!!

You cannot imagine the level of excitement around the house. Everyone is primping and practicing their best moves. We can only imagine how this will impact the holiday parties. One is named Xavier, the other Loïc. French hotties…..hmmmmm.

And so in a rush, we’re all scrambling to learn a bit of French to welcome the newest additions to the house! I suppose we should pretend we are all most surprise when April removes the guys from the box. Cannot wait till they get home!!!!!

P.S. We’ve heard those Royalty Guys are bigger and taller than the Ken dolls amongst us. Needless to say, the “locals” are not amused!!



5 responses to “Prince Charmings

  1. HE is handsome – what a guy to dress! all over… I have to agree those quilted jackets are amazing. Not onle is the quilting in proportion, the fur is luxurious and I notice the elastic shirrinf is so in proportion. Incredile work!

  2. too bad real life can’t imitate dolls sometimes! how are you, april? sorry I’ve been scarce. work and catching up with things that got put on hold after the move.

    • Yeah…tell me about it!!! I have gotten a bit busy myself. I have three doll blogs now: this one, a photoblog and my original fashion doll blog. All three keep me on the go. My New Year’s resolution is to manage my time better so that I keep everything up in a timely fashion! But I still peak in on your blog as well. And it is, as always, quite lovely!!!

      • Thank you. I need more time, too. Rather than clothes, shoes or jewels, I’d love more time for all the things I love to do. We’ve got similar resultions for 2015!

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