The Ultimate Christmas Present


Everyone’s in love with Lamar

None of us girls have been on this blog lately. First of all, April’s been making shoes for the new guys AND…..after those two new hotties arrived in the house, no one’s been able to concentrate on anything but them. One is more handsome than the other. Both have impeccable manors. And each of us girls tries to find a reason to stand next to one of them. That is, until April put the two guys downstairs on the piano for the Christmas Ball.

Had we known THEY would be amongst us this holiday season, we would have pressed April to make more red dresses because only those in red (along with a few in white or gold) were invited to participate. That’s okay. There’s still New Year’s Eve. And everyone is planning to be there. We’re getting our party gear together.

Okay, so we all knew the two new guys were April’s Christmas present to us, but no one had the slightest idea there was still another surprise in store!

GiftWrap-printmini GiftWrap-closeup1

This year we decided to make more of an effort to exchange gifts. We drew names to do a secret Santa thing, then went shopping for stuff we KNEW we each other would like…handbags, jewelry, lingerie…even airline tickets on Dolly Jet! Then on Christmas Eve, we dressed up in our finest (while laying claim to our New Year’s outfits) and the party begun.


And at the stroke of midnight, April came into the room with one last (and the best)  Christmas gift for us all…..

His name is Lamar! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! We are speechless!!! And we’re all in LOVE!!!!! He is one G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S hunk!!!!! He’s too beautiful!!!

While we bask in the fabulousness of this dreamboat…..but before we forget….Merry Christmas from all of us divas and to all a good night!!!!




2 responses to “The Ultimate Christmas Present

  1. Well, you have really stretched your imagination! That guy looks so smart – what a handsome coat and the details are so perfect from shoes to umbrella. The girls!… well don’t leave him alone with anyone for long! The clusters of gift bags under the tree, the red and black themes are not only sophisticated but extravagant as well. I see such intricate formal wear and just what anyone would desire for the holiday-new year season. Truly lovely!

  2. Your 1:6 scale accessories are perfect! April, your passion for this inspires me to have more patience with this art form.

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