Party Hardy Into the New Year!


Disco ball on the cocktail table

Three words….FAB. U. LOUS!!!!! We had the best time of our lives last night!!!


Soowan in her sparkly party dress

This year there was no sneaking around. No pretending to be sweet little dolls while harboring thoughts of unabashed partying. No waiting for April to fall asleep so we could tiptoe downstairs to get in on the action. We were up front with our demands for an organized New Year’s Eve event. Oh yes, there is that famous Black and White ball. But it’s for VIP’s. It’s black tie and only a small portion of us get to attend. And when some of us tried to crash last year’s event, those dolls in attendance made a HUGE scandal! So this year we thought… why couldn’t we organize, say…several parties so EVERYONE could attend something!

Given the fact there are LOTS more HOT guys in the house this year, April was aware of the heightened demand for a party. To her credit, she made as many outfits as possible, even to the point of borrowing Selita’s idea for the wrap-around tinsel dress from last year. April also noticed how many of us were eyeing her stock of fabric, trims….even the Christmas ribbon, wrapping paper and ornaments…for possible party dress materials. But this year was soooo much better planned than last. Hopefully, it will be the start of a long tradition!

The first good thing April did was to start dressing everyone early. Some dolls were lucky to go to both the Christmas ball and the New Year’s party. April insisted that all dolls who came to the house in 2014 be invited to the Black & White ball. And then there were those dollies who were determined to attend a party even to the point of designing their own outfit. It started with Carla who took a corset and wrapped a sarong around her waist. Selita, too, designed her own outfit this year using sparkle ribbon and a pouf of bedazzled tulle she wore under a silver leather jacket!


Selita wearing her own design.

The second good thing, was that the male dolls were distributed around the house. The hotties were atop the piano, of course. But still….there were enough guy dolls in the house this year to make each event special and interesting. This included the party in the Trini room, the party on the buffet table and the disco ball on the cocktail table.


Black & White Ball on the piano

Before midnight many of us were already in place for our chosen party. Each area had its own music (but set at a decibel only audible to dollies). Once the lights went out, we could dance till we literally dropped! April knew those of us who elected to keep her company upstairs, would want, at some point, to join the party. So she dressed the rest of us and provided us maps to the various parties! We had a champagne toast with her at midnight and as soon we saw her eyes close, the room emptied out as we all set out to party.

The piano was so crowded the dolls could hardly dance. The cocktail table got a little loud and crazy. (Amazing no one fell off!) The buffet was more refined and upstairs in the Trini room, those dolls simply enjoyed each other’s company and shared stories about their origins. It was the most doll-tastic, dollicious, fabulous New Year’s party of them all.

Tinsel-coverOn behalf of all the dolls in the house….

We wish you all, a very happy 2015!!!


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  1. From my Retro Barbie to your Guys and Dolls in Glitter and Sparkle outfits: Happy New Year!

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