Let’s Play Catch-Up

2-Anniversary-cake2We’re sorry. It’s been awhile since anyone has posted. It’s been crazy around the house since the holidays and we’ve got lots to talk about.

Couple1This month April and the gang had a big celebration to celebrate the main blog’s second anniversary. Everybody was there to raise glasses of champagne to the original crew: Tyra, the Barbie black label girls and the S.I.S. gang. Thanks to those brave girls, the rest of us are here. Oh yes, there is, of course, April. We cheered her for keeping everything together thus keeping us with a roof over our heads, clothes on our vinyl bodies, shoes on our tiny feet and hunky guys on our arms!

April has kept all of us crazy busy with work. We cannot complain because everything we asked for last year was granted to us. We now have lots, well, a decent amount of guys including the newest resident, “James.” He’s actually a James Bond Ken. Not a hunk like the Royalty guys who arrived before the holidays…but definitely arm candy.James2

The other guys were put to work right after the holidays. Men’s fashion week is in January so while the rest of us were able to relax a bit, the guys were running around Europe, parading down the catwalks of London, Paris and Milan.

PFW-CoverParis Haute Couture week was right after. Waris (dressed in a fab Versace jumpsuit) got the cover of April’s blog. She was thrilled!!! She’ll be rocking that same look at the DollObservers.com Awards ceremony on Sunday! She’ll be going with hunky, Lamar on her arm. He’s rocking a super hot pair of leather jeans he modeled for the St. Laurent menswear show.  HCSS15-Cover There are others going to Sunday’s red carpet event as well. There was no way the girls are going to let those hunky Royalty Homme boys stay home. Beyoncé (left) put on a vintage YSL body cast over her sleek gown. Xavier was rockin’ his Saint Laurent menswear look next to her. Not wanting to be out staged, Eva (right) will be wearing a Dolly Azzedine Alaia gown and has convinced Loic to escort her.


Last month some of the girls were invited to the Golden Globes….. Naomi was delighted to be featured on the red carpet wearing the dolly version of Uzo Aduba’s grey tweed gown. GG-Cover

April tends not to use Naomi for many of the photo shoots. Something about not loving her toothy smile. But this season it’s working for her and I must say that she looked fabulous participating in Trinidad & Tobago’s Carnival parade. This year, the girls insisted that April look more carefully at “real” costumes, instead of simply draping jewelry over bathing suits. Naomi along with Chrystele and even (former homeless dolly), Coco got the full Carnival transformation complete with feathers and glitzy get-up. Carnival-15

April’s no fool. Since the guys have come into the house, she’s fully aware of all of the flirting and little romances that have developed around the house. So for Valentine’s Day, she made us special dresses! Heart-cover

That brings us to now…..we are in full fashion week mode! The girls are scattered amongst four fashion capitals for a month of catwalk shows. A few will also make their way to Hollywood this weekend for the Academy Awards. And by the time all of this is over…..we’re Paris bound!!! Queen-of-Hearts8

It’s a doll’s life and we’re LOVIN’ it!!!!


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  1. April, You’re amazing, the way you keep expressing all these pretty, clever, lovely ideas.

  2. Wow…Golden Globes, Carnival…and then….Valentine’s Day. All such inventive show stoppers. Carnival most of all. The little white shift with cut out hearts just stole my own … Olimpia

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