Thinking ahead….Way ahead!!!

HCSS15-Cover3Only 294 days till Christmas!!!! Why, you ask, have we centered our thoughts on the end-of-year holidays? Because this is the time of year when Fashion Month and the red carpet events all fall at the same time and April works her butt off to create as many looks as possible! And as time has gone by, April has had to up her game. So the clothes are getting better and better!!!  Many of those outfits featured in her red carpet and catwalk reports will be snapped up by all the dolls in the house later on in the year for the holidays. Eva-Claudia-in-white

The color is crucial! Only red and white make it onto the piano top for Christmas and only black and white helps us gain entry to the annual Black & White Ball for New Years! When April first started her blog, the choice of dress for the Dolly Designer series was pretty much by chance. But according to close friends in Hollywood, we have learned that some of the dolls in the house (Carla? Adriana? Waris?) are lobbying the stylists to select red, white or black gowns for the stars!!!  Others have been changing up the sketches in April’s notebook in an attempt to get her to choose certain dresses!


Remember that pearl encrusted Calvin Klein dress Lupita Nyoung’O wore at the Oscars! April was NOT going to make that dress. But Katoucha (who, since last year’s Oscars, has been passing herself  off as “Lupita,”) scrounged around the house and found the scrap of sequined cashmere April used as the base. OK, so the original dress was made of pearls and this was sequins. “No problem,” assured Katoucha, there’s always your pearl necklace, April.” And with that….Katoucha a.k.a Lupita, had her New Years dress!Carla-in-redLast Christmas, Carla was NOT happy about the shortage of Christmas dresses. When she wasn’t chosen for the piano, she vowed she would get into the game early on. April is kinda of tired of red, but neither Carla nor her friend, Marpesa were going to go accept that. Again, we’ve heard that Carla was behind the selection of the original gowns on the red carpet while Marpesa worked the selection on this end. We don’t know if this is true, but just look. Carla is in the same Saint Laurent that Dakota Johnson wore and Marpesa got  hot, Givenchy gown! Carla even convinced April to put jewels in her hair! Some dolls have ALL the luck.Marisa-in-redEven Karen got in on the deal. She came out of it with Reese Weatherspoon’s Tom Ford gown (but cut in white instead of baby blue!) How fair is that!!!!


Latoya really isn’t a party animal, so she doesn’t care about any of this. April put her into a black panne velvet dress with a turquoise necklace and organdy shawl. Whoever gets to wear this dress will probably accessorize it a tad more glam. Jewels. Opera length gloves. We’ll see.Latoya-in-blk-velvet

But now we’re into Fashion Month. And believe me, amongst 4 cities, there’s plenty to choose from. Everyone is scrambling to work the catwalk! In the opening photo, that’s Laetia in Gaultier couture and the newest model, Estelle in Armani Prive. Eva (in the next photo down) immediately snapped up the Holly Fulton coat and her friend Claudia served as fit model all night long just to get the Ashish white satin slip dress. Absolutely everyone wants like to steal that drop dead gorgeous stretch satin dress currently on Adrianna’s back. Lucky devil, she has her pick of holiday dresses!Ariana-in-Blk

My question is….what ever happened to sitting back and waiting to see what April comes up with? Why all the manipulation, the scheming, the plotting just to get that perfect dress? C’mon ladies. Let the chips fall where they may. Let’s play fair!!!!


(Psssstttt…..April….Dibs on the fur dress for the holidays….. Life is a Cabaret, my friend. And this is just the right look for moi!!!)