The Black Plague

Chain-Carla-in-Budha-beltWell……not really, but for us dolls, it may as well be. Hi! Carla here. One of the nice things about living in the house is that all of us dolls get to wear sophisticated clothes… You know….furs, red carpet gowns, the latest Paris fashions……and the color BLACK. We love it in pants, tops, skirts, coats, jackets, and especially evening clothes. And we love it when it’s cut from silk, satin….and even leather! But wearing all of this at a cost….. It’s called….STAINING!!!!! And it is not pretty!

This disease of epidemic proportions first came to April’s attention last spring. After wearing my gorgeous fur coat all winter long (and it was a very long, hard winter), I finally took it of. To my horror—there were marks on my arms! At first, April thought I tiptoed outside and got tattoos. I argued back, “Why would a doll so gorgeous as myself do something like that?” We couldn’t imagine where the marks came from. April went on the online and discovered the problem was called staining which is caused by a chemical reaction that occurs between certain dark toned fabrics and our vinyl skin. Apparently, it is a rampant problem throughout doll communities all over the globe! I had read about it, but never expected this to happen to me. Okay, so I know April could photoshop the marks out of my pix, but still….. I thought….marked for life!!!! I cried. April promised she’d find a solution. Of course some of the other girls who are jealous of me just stood by and smirked. Those smirks soon turned into looks of horror.Carla-in-fur

April sometimes, falls in love with how we look in certain clothes and hasn’t been changingus as often as she should! So after a year and a half of Renee wearing that same red couture dress (made from a man’s necktie), Renee was finally booked for a photo shoot. Thrilled, she anxiously stepped out of the gown and to her horror…..marks all down her thighs where the gown touched her skin. She was lucky. The top part of the gown was lined.Renee-tie-dress

Oh but when Latoya finally removed the over-the-knee stretch leather  spats she had been refusing to abandon, the calves of her legs were blue!!! Dinosaur tears filled her eyes. “I’m ruined for life,” she cried. “My modeling career is over!” Anna, who LOVES her leather gear, slipped off her coat and noted marks on her shoulders. She, on the contrary, was delighted! “Cool tattoos!!!” April was NOT amused. There were also black marks on Tamron’s arms (we’re not sure of the culprit) and Nadja’s hands looked “a little dirty.”

Latoya in treatment

Latoya in treatment

Those of us with “the ailment” had to undergo a very special treatment. We were smeared with acne creme then placed in the sun.

Tamron in treatment for her arms.

Tamron in treatment for her arms.

For me, the treatment lasted about 8 days and I must say, I am pleased with the results. But so much of Latoya’s legs were stained, April thinks it will take at least two weeks before she’s healed. That said, I am very happy to report that I have completely healed and am back to work…dressed in white!!!

April has promised to line all of the black garments with a flesh tone if possible. But in any case, she’s promised to change our clothes more often!!!

And so you ask…how do I feel about dark clothes? Now that I know there’s a cure (or at least a remedy), I have no plans to give up my dark garments. Besides…I have to keep my options open for the New Year’s Ball!!!


I’ll never EVER give up my leather coat!!!!


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  1. I’m so happy the benzyl peroxide treatment worked for you! I had problems with green ear on my Takara dolls. That happens when earrings are not made with a high quality wire such as 14K gold or gold coated. I used the same treatment you did and my Takara doll’s ears were cured in a week. Now I make sure to coat the wire with clear nailpolish and leave the earrings in for short time. I do have some head pins in gold that I use for posts when making dolly earrings now.

    Another thing you may want to consider is not dressing the dolls in such dark colors during the heat and humidity of high summer. When the weather is that hot another thing that can happen is the melting of the doll’s feet, or worse the spreading of the plastic shoes across the doll’s foot. Either way the feet get so deformed and take on the shape of the shoe. If the summer looks to be very hot, it might be good to strip the dolls, wrap them in acid free tissue and place them in a cardboard box until the summer is over.

    • Thank you, Emily for all the tips. My dolls have not suffered from green ear because I never got around to buying earrings for them. Thank goodness for that because I probably would not have thought to buy gold. My doll collection really began with the Barbie Basics Little Black Dress dolls. Because those dresses never stained the dolls and the fact I had never heard of fabric staining vinyl, I never hesitated to dress the dolls in black. My real problem is not changing their clothes more often. Thanks for the tip about the feet. Usually, when I am abroad I put the more expensive dolls back in their boxes and in a cool dry place. On the other hand, I am thrilled the benzyl peroxide worked, even though it is a slow process.

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