Happy Easter (Bonnet)!!!!


C’est moi, Brie.

Hello there, my name is Brie and I’m the newest dolly in the house. I’m not used to blogging so I’ll keep this short. Today is  Easter Sunday and EVERYBODY is walking around this insanely doll populated house wearing hats! It’s like somethig out of a movie!!! April featured me and a few others on her blog today. It was my first photo shoot since I arrived. And I must say, I’m impressed with my pictures. I think I’m going to like it here!!!Easter-Hats-Blk-Lace

Prix-hats11April worked all weekend on a new collection of hats. She wanted something light and airy, but the technique she used to mold the hats had issues. I’m not sure how many hats she made (she even made hats out of paper!), but finally she found something that that worked. When she finished, we were most amazed! Then she brought out a box filled with many more hats left over from past holidays. The amount of clothes, shoes, jewelry and the like is simply staggering!

Prix-hats10bShe dressed us all up in springtime finery, gave us hats then lined us up for a sort of procession around the house then atop the piano. Everyone was soooo pretty and so elegant! And the living room is now, incredibly festive. Easter-Hats-Paper-Hat

There are so many drop dead gorgeous girls here and so much competition for absolutely everything…. well, I wasn’t sure how this was going to play out when I first arrived. After all, I’ve been here for a couple weeks without work. But now that I’ve had my first photo shoot, I think I can totally do this!!! You’ll be hearing more from me soon!

Happy Easter everybody! Enjoy the parade!!!!

Prix-hats9b Prix-hats4 Hat-tulle-feathers Hats-white-ribbon Hats-polka-dots Hats-gold-rose Hats-Caribbean-silk-straw Hat-gold-trimmed2 Easter-Hats-Paper-Hat-wht


2 responses to “Happy Easter (Bonnet)!!!!

  1. I think you’re succeeding at the 1:6 scale millinery. It looks so effortless but I know it must be lots of work.

  2. Hi April. I’m visiting this post again. I need a break. It’s delightful to see the confections you created out of lace, ribbon and flowers. Know what? Brie’s hat reminds me of the Vintage Barbie outfit “After Five.” The hat in that ensemble was, I think, made of gathered white organza. The hat did not have a crown but it had a pretty black velvet bow around the brim. I’d love to see you do something like that.

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