Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 

  Bonjour. Je m’appelle Yvette. I am zee newest dolly à la maison d’April. My English not so good yet, but I tink I can get through zis message. 

Humans not tink what they do to zee dollies when they change zee look! They cut your hairs, for example. And if it not good, they toss you out of zee house! Zis was my problem. 

My name was Isha Very Cool. I had zee long and lovely curls piled high on my head, like Brigitte Bardot. Très joli! But maman not content and…chop, chop….she cut all zee hair! Talk about bad hair day! Zut, alors! And with  zee dollies, hairs no grow back. En plus, I’m 10 years old with not good body. So, she don’t want me any more. Pauvre poupée. 

 I found my way to zee Musée de la Poupée because I hear they find new homes for zee dolls. But month after month, all zee other dollies find homes, but not me! My value no mor.  They lower my price. And I beg and I plead, and finally get on my knees. Pleeze..I’m a good doll. 

And then one day, a day filled with sunshine, April came in and saw me. She looked and she looked. I was afraid she’d put me down. She was looking closely at me and said, “I believe someone cut her hair. ” I had much fear. At least I wasn’t naked like other dollies. My owner left me with my original outfit and a pair of shoes! So I had a little more to offer. 

And then it happened. April took me in. OMG!! I asked her, “What was it about me? My shoes? My outfit?” She smiled and said, “Not at all! It was your very pretty face and….that haircut!” 

  We’ve been friends ever since. And with zat, I appeared on the cover of her blog post dressed in Dolly Jean Paul Gaultier!!!! C’est bien la vie!!!!