World Doll Day-Not Happy


“Did anyone in this house know about World Doll Day?”


“Does anyone know how April formulated her list of “favorite” dolls?


“I don’t recall there was any kind of meeting or any kind of rules for the competition announced.”

“There was suppose to be a competition?”

“How else could she pick faves?”

And that is precisely the problem. A few days ago, April responded to a World Doll Day tag where she was required to post the pictures of her favorite dolls that came into the house over the past year, along with dolls she still wanted. She should have simply refused to participate. Instead, without any kind of input from us, her doll family,  April took it upon herself to put up a post which hurt those of us not on the list. We know she didn’t mean any malice, but still, she shouldn’t be doing anything that negatively affects our self esteem or shows favoritism. To make matters worse, we were not warned in advance of this day. And to add insult to injury, she announced she’d simply bribe the rest of us with clothes and shoes.

While the latter may be true (and we are drawing up our lists as I speak), we would like make sure nothing like this happens ever again, in the event there is such a day next year. First of all, there must be some sort of acknowledgement of dolls who came into the house prior to 2014. The Barbie Basics and SIS Barbies have worked very hard for April. Tyra, the first Tonner doll to enter the house, traveled near and far and was posing way before there was any sort of blog. April should dedicate an entire blog post with each and every doll’s picture and a list of their attributes. Yeah, this will be long. But we’re worth it!Not-Happy2

Next, criteria needs to be established so that all eligible dolls get a fair chance. You know–most photogenic, ability to stand for long fittings without falling down, ability to smile without it looking plastic, best hairdo, most articulated body. And there should be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd runners up and a tiara and trophy for the winner. All dolls will aide in organizing the categories, criteria for judging and setting up the jury. Of course, that means we’ll need dolls to do posters, sets and a social media director to communicate the event to the internet doll community. In reality, we don’t really need April to do anything except make us clothes for the celebrations. Does anyone know where we can find trophies?

“Yeah, on Ebay.” “Perfect.”

“But I heard that World Doll Day” is really supposed to be for baby dolls and the like. And that some humans use this event to do charitable deeds.”

“Whatever! We’re hijacking this event even if it means changing the name. I got it…….World Fashion Doll Day! How’s That?”

Okay, April. You and your friends, listen up. Next year. World Doll Day will be a world class event organized for and by……DOLLS!!!!!!

Who knows. We might even organize a second event: World Human Doll Day where we get to vote for the best doll moms and dads then tag dolls on other blogs to vote and post pictures of their humans !!!


April gets our vote as best living doll!!!!


6 responses to “World Doll Day-Not Happy

    • Thank you, Rachelle, for taking the time to look at my posts here. It’s the “secret lives of dolls” who populate my blog and my house!!’

  1. Our mom didn’t tell us it was World Doll Day. We were quite disappointed, because this was the perfect chance for her to buy us our own dolls. That’s charity, right? I’ve had my eye on this particular Ken doll for a year now….

    Next year she’s going to do it right, because we’ll be supervising every step of the way. Starting today, when I put together a Planning Committee for the ball she’s going to host for us. What’s a doll day without a ball? Tomorrow we vote on a theme (my vote is Allison and Insert-Hunk’s-Name-Here Forever). After that, my sister Lydia will get to work designing the gowns. It’s a good thing mom has us to tell her what to do!

    Much love,

    Allison J. Holland,

    (and Sarah’s other dolls)

    • Oh wow, Allison, it’s so cool you found your way to our blog! April set this blog up for us to vent whenever we want. It’s one of the perks to residing in the house. We were hoping to connect with other doll communes. We think if the dolls take control over World Doll Day, it will be a much better event for us!!! We REALLY like your idea about getting our doll moms to buy us hunky dolls for this event. Why, we may just put that on our list of demands! You’re right…that would be the perfect way to promote dolls!!! Hmmm…I think next year will be a LOT better!! You & Lynda, come back & see us any time!!! Karen, Billie, Pat & the rest of April’s girls & guys

  2. Omgoodness! Grrrumpy girls for sure! I can see you, April, are up against some opinionated gals. I like their push to organize though! That IS a little like my Ellowynes…empowered women dolls hahaha
    So, love the idea of the trophies! I was just wondering where I will get a hold of some (or one lol) that I can use for June Awards Day here in Dolltown 2016. I am so used to June celebrations and acknowledgements as a teacher. So it was funny, and GOOD to read this. Power on girls!

    • Well, in the beginning, they were all content just to be here. They sent for friends & family to join. But the moment I brought the first FR doll into the clan, things changed. Alas!!! Competition for clothes. Squabbles over shoes. Demands for this & that!! You know how it is with too many girls in the house!!!
      As for a trophy, search on eBay: Barbie doll Oscar award, and you’ll see a few proposals!!!

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