Sisterhood of the Worlds’ Dolls

ShortiesaOkay, so the humans are circulating still ANOTHER survey. This time they are asking each other questions like, “Do you know how many dolls you have? Why did you start a doll blog and What is your favorite line of dolls?” Well, April was most diplomatic and specified that she loves ALL of her dolls. (Good answer, April!!!) In light of this new survey, we, the dolls of April’s house (or, as we say….our house which happens to include April) have decided to put together our own list of questions and answers.

  1. You dolls have your own blog. What do you find to blog about?

Are you kidding? If you think we are empty headed, superficial and totally plastic, you are dead wrong. We have things to say, axes to grind, and a collective voice we want to express. Do you know what it’s like to live in a house with so many other dolls and doll types? Not always easy. And then there are our beauty routines. You know it’s work to look this good all the time!Spa-amongst-friends

Someone’s always getting looked over, in need of something or the other. Why, thanks to this blog, we’ve made sure April is away of our rights and feelings! Of course the Tonner dolls’ photo blog is only there for show off.White-pleats-2

2. If you could have a career of your choice, what would it be?

Duhhhh…..that would be modeling!!!!! (Eyes all rolling.)Isabella-in-feathers4

3. What is your favorite type of fashion?

We HATE traditional “doll” clothes. Anything good enough for humans–be it jeans & Tshirts or Couture gowns–is good enough for us! In terms of what April makes for us, there’s a tie between catwalk fashion and red-carpet fashion. We all love all the creativity you find on the world’s greatest catwalk shows. AND..we love the glamor of Oscar fashions. What we love most is wearing it better than our human counter parts. PFW2-Paris-Fashion-Week2 DO-Red-carpet-media-board

4. Describe the perfect doll mom or dad?

They have to love us for who we are. We’re not fond of those who snap off our heads and change up the bodies, too much. Though we don’t mind a good hair or makeup makeover. We love when they buy and/or make us stuff. (The more stuff the better.) And we love it when they show us lots and lots of attention! Don’t you just hate when they leave you all tied up in your original box and put you on the shelf? Where’s the fun in that!!!!

5. How important are articulated humans to you?

So long as they love have the ability to provide (lots of clothes, shoes, accessories, publicity and hot guys) for us, it’s not all that important.

6. Who’s the most popular doll in the house?

Contrary to what SOME dolls here think, we’re ALL popular. Admittedly, some of us are more popular than others. Most of us have a dominant presence. Those who do not are not in the April’s room nor on the piano. That said, when April puts some of us to rest (while she and other dolls go to Europe), there is a “distribution of wealth” so to speak. The “B” dolls get their chance to pose on the piano.

7. What’s your favorite past time when April isn’t watching.


Chillin’ on Chanel beach.

Well…… let’s just say, we like to kick back and relax. Maybe sometimes we sneak downstairs and party a wee bit too. April doesn’t suspect anything because we manage to get back in place before she notices. Sometimes the girls don’t quite take the same pose and April is a tad bit suspicious.

8. What is your favorite fashion accessory?


Love my Hermes Birken bag!


Love my Chanel boots!

It’s hard to pinpoint one item. We LOVE shoes. We LOVE jewelry. We LOVE our designer handbags.

9. Have you ever hidden a favorite item of clothing or accessory?

Well, the rule in the house is that no one can lay claim to any one item. We must share. Personally I’ve never done it. But I do know it happens. You know how it is with  bunch of fashionistas living together. We fall in love with something and it’s hard to give it up. No one exactly HIDES the item, per se. We might put it slightly out of site so April doesn’t see it right away. Sometimes it “falls” behind a lamp or something. Like I said, I’ve never done it. 😉

10. What’s the most interesting thing about living with April?


The girls never let us guys get a word in edgewise!!!! Ah… life in the house!!!!


Loic, it’s called “SISTERHOOD of the World’s Dolls.”

We get to wear all the latest fashion trends, designer bags, hot shoes and accessories. We get to travel with April, hang out with hot guy dolls. We are never over worked, have secured jobs with excellent benefits. Most important… we are treated like the international superstar models that we are!

Love you all,

April’s dolls

P.S. Hey fellow doll communities out there in cyberspace. Speak up and tell us about you answering the following questions. Don’t have your own blog? No problem. Just borrow your doll mom or dad’s blog. We’re sure they won’t mind…just this once!


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