TAGGED!! Liebster Award!!!

Diva-tagged“OMG!!! We’ve actually been TAGGED!!!”

“Yeah, abut it was April who nominated us, my dear.” (Eyes rolling.)

“What difference does it make who tagged us? We were NOMINATED to participate!!!!”

“Okay, okay, okay—so now that we’ve been tagged, where do we want to start?”

Let’s answer her questions, first.


Doll mom, April

1.  How many doll moms or dads have you had?

For 2/3 of the doll population here, April is their first (and only) doll mom they’ve ever known. For the other third, they have had at least one other parent. No idea as to whatever happened to them.

2. If you could hit the million dollar lottery, how would this impact your lifestyle?


If we hit the lottery, we’ll hit the stores!!!!

All the girl dolls would have multiple boyfriends–one for the casual look, another for formal affairs and a third, hunky one just to look at and drool!) We would have endless pairs of Fashion Royalty shoes and boots (the best)!!!! Maybe we’d hire an assistant for April so that we could have our own individual wardrobes not to be shared with the others. Maybe we’d buy a house so that each doll would have her own space as well. And it would be outfitted with really nice furniture like the kind we’ve seen at Regent Miniatures.

3. Champagne, beer, soda or water?



Champagne for everybody!!!!

4. Favorite genre of music?

Anything that rocks us to the groove of the music. Of course there are the more reserved Haute Couture girls like Brie, Nadja, Dorian or Olympia who love their classical music! Most of the time, though, April plays Smooth Jazz for us.

Tshirt-Black5. What is it about a doll that catches your eye?

A nice face and a six-pack….like Lamar.

6. Cats or dogs?


“I don’t think she means real ones. Don’t forget, Janice has a small dog!”

Carla-in-black-linen7. What was your favorite blog post.

Boys Night Out.” We just like looking at their pictures!

8. City or Country?

Definitely City. I mean, how would we get around in the country in stilettos?

9. How has your blog evolved since the first post?

We were shy in the beginning. We’ve since found our voice and are not afraid of expressing it. This has resulted in April completely caving to our demands for more shoes, better work conditions and, most importantly…..more male dolls in the house!!!!

10. What have you learned from your experiences in the doll community?


Nadja is rockin’ this Vogue cover!

Dolls ROCK!!!! We  have completely taken over fashion!!!!

11. How will you know when there are enough dolls in the house.

Darling, there are already WAY too many female dolls in the house. We’ve had to resort to tricks to keep April from winning bids on eBay in her attempt to migrate more girls. (The last three slipped past us!!!). On the other hand…there can NEVER be too many hunky guy dolls!!! (Did you hear us, April??!!! Less girls, more hunks!!!)


Tramp Stamp Barbie

Eleven Random Facts About Us:

  1. One of the girls has a “tramp stamp” on her butt–and we’ve got a picture to prove it!

“OMG!! Who is that? Well, at least I know it’s not me!!!”

2. Someone in the house had a baby. I know ’cause I saw pictures!


Not our baby!!!

“NO, no, no…. Sissilie was holding a baby model! She and James were posing for some sort of “Challenge” on Doll Observers!

Oh. For a minute I was wondering how THAT happened!!!

3.  One of the dolls in the house is called…Big Foot!!! I mean look at how much bigger Carmela’s shoes are than say…Veronique’s!Diva-Big-Foot

“You’re not suppose to be naming names!!!! But look, I could get nearly two of my feet into one of her shoes!”

4. Only 10% of all the dolls in the house have open mouths when they smile. (And they’re all Barbies!)

“Well….April isn’t wild about dolls with toothy smiles. In fact, she tried to force one of them to close her mouth! But Jenny filed a complaint and April was forced to find a compromise. Jen got her smile back but had to give up the red lipstick.Diva-smile-operation

5. An estimated half of the clothes April makes for us are black! The next most popular color is red.

“Okay, that really is OUR fault for advising her against using color! After all, we’ve got our sights on the Black & White New Years Ball! Can’t wear a pink dress to that event!

6. One of the dolls had planned to launch a “hair growing potion” for dolls. But when April got wind of it, she did a post on DIY hairpieces and “falls” for her blog! Thank goodness for that….I think the doll who we will call “Ms. V” could have been sued for fraud!!! I’m just sayin”!!!Diva-Magic-Hair-Potion

7. I heard that one of the girls takes her naps on the pile of dolly fur coats where they’re stored. ! I know ’cause I saw her.

“And I suppose that’s cat hair on your dress?”

8. One day, a few of the girls locked poor April out of the room. Apparently they thought she was bringing in a cheap polyester fabric to make us clothes. It was, in reality, silk taffeta. April has since, outfitted the ringleader with glasses!!!Lil-Stuff-glasses

9. One of the Tonner girls (Elle)  has a tattoo on her head in the form of Robert Tonner’s signature!

“That’s what’s called an “autographed” doll. April won her in a contest and the signature adds value because she KNOWS who’s her daddy!!”


Get that camera out of here!!!!

10. I’ve heard that the newest “make-out” spot in the house is behind the piano!

“I don’t believe you.”

I’ve got pictures!

11. April chose all of us for our GORGEOUS good looks. Personality had NOTHING to do with it!!!!Magazine-Mme-AF1



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