The Year That Was….

Happy-New-Year-2016Over the past 12 months between the fittings, photo shoots, travel and of course….constant collaboration on design ideas, April has kept us so incredibly busy, we haven’t had much time to organize our thoughts and write. She spoiled us beyond our wildest imagination with tons of new shoes, designer duds, jewelry and in one case….a new body! But we have all resolved to find the time to post more often in 2016 as there is much to catch up!!

Our annual New Year’s Eve ball was a tremendous success this year. Kudos to April for producing enough clothes throughout the year to supply almost enough dresses so that everyone could attend this year’s event. We’re sorry for the dolls that still didn’t find something suitable to wear…but after all, SOMEBODY has got to keep April company at midnight. It wouldn’t be fair if we all abandoned her!!

Outside the party was a photo booth and here are a few shots of guests all decked out in their finest!



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And then when the party really got started, there was LOTS of action on the dance floor!

Later on they all took their moves to the dance floor of a local nightclub and continued to party the night away!


Though the flow of new dolls to enter the house has slowed, there were nine new divas who arrived on our doorstep. April has become VERY selective! Following our recommendations, new girls (or guys) MUST have a look that corresponds well with today’s fashions. No more beauty queens or socialites. No more twins! In 2015, the new arrivals were stunning!

In order of their appearance at the house, we introduce to you….



2015 Models-Kate


2015 Models-Brie


2015 Models-Yvette


2015 Models-Carmela


2015 Models-Samantha



2015 Models-Dorian


2015 Models-Grace




From all of us to all of you.. our sincerest wishes for a Healthy, Happy

New Year!


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