Out of Body Experience

Magazine-Auto1“I heard April say she would NEVER create a Frankendolly.”

“I heard the same thing.”

“So what happened?”

“It’s that nonsense she reads on the internet.”

Now that the holidays are over and April is working on the Ken dolls’ trend report, we have time to….pour the tea on what’s really been happening in the house!




There are Frankendollies amongst us. We’re not going to name names here, but we KNOW for SURE Jordan’s sister, Waris is one of them. She’s as gorgeous as the Royals but she poses as well as any Barbie Model Muse!  We’ve been pretending not to notice.

One last summer, a package arrived and April refused to open it in front of us like she usually does. We thought that strange but then assumed perhaps she had finally ordered something for herself. A few weeks later, another package arrived. We waited for April to leave the room and then we peeked.


It was a head of a beautiful Asian doll. We were horrified. Who would do this? And why would April be party to this kind of transaction? April returned, grabbed the two boxes and rushed out. When she returned, in her arms was was…… Liu……. an Asian Frankendolly. Part Royalty. Part Barbie. Absolutely gorgeous but, from the discontent look on her face… very unhappy!

“I don’t think I like this at all,” we heard her say. “You’ve diminished my value with this “lesser” body. No, I don’t like this.”

“Give it a chance,” pleaded April. “With a Barbie body, you’ll have your pick of all the clothes I make.” “Maybe,” retorted Liu, “but I cannot bend my knees or hands and my head is wobbly. I cannot sit with my new friends.” April tried and tried to remedy the situation by fiddling with her head, but Liu just broke down in tears. “It’s bad enough my former doll mom sold me down the river in pieces, but now my new mom has given me the wrong body. Look, my head doesn’t fit.”

“Try it out for a month and if you’re still not happy, I’ll find you a proper body,” April promised. And with that, she booked Liu for the cover photo of her next blog post as well as a coveted photo story on Fashion Doll Art.


Liu with Barbie body


“Well, I guess it’s not sooo bad. I suppose I’ll have to learn to live with this”

And then it happened…. True to her word, April returned from Paris with a BIG surprise…. a new body for Liu. We were all happy for Liu until we realized transferring bodies again would be quite an ordeal. April had never performed such an operation before. Liu’s head did not come off the Barbie body easily. The inner prongs of the Barbie body wouldn’t let go. There was lots of gnashing and crying as April applied heat to Liu’s neck then tugged and pulled. We could not watch! And then finally….. the surgical procedure was complete and a success except for one small detail.

“Liu, your boobs are smaller.”

“Yeah, but look…..all my articulation is back! Don’t get me wrong. The Barbie bodies are lovely and yes, I did take fabulous poses with that body. But now I can be so much more expressive!”

“Yeah, but your boobs are smaller!”

“It’s not the size of my bust that counts! I am still a BEAUTIFUL Asian doll! And….with small breasts, I can wear more daring necklines!!! Best of all….I am very happy with my body!”Chain-Cover