Royal Asian Hunk Arrival

Welcome-cover2“OMG! OMG! OMG! I don’t believe it!!! I had heard rumors that April had located a certain male doll she had long searched for but it’s finally coming true!”

“How did she find him?”

“April put up a picture on her blog and by coincidence he saw it. He had been living outside of Miami hoping to be snapped up by a modeling agency down in the region. Sadly, there wasn’t too much of a market for Asian models and he found himself sitting around collecting dust. Another doll told him she heard April was looking for a guy just like him. He  contacted April who, upon seeing his picture, made immediate plans for him to join us. His name is Atsushi.”

“Oooooo. I’ve seen pix of him. He is GORGEOUS!!!! Nice Asian boy for a nice Asian doll like myself!”


Asian boy for Asian doll?


All hunks are equal opportunity entities for ALL dolls!!!

“No, no, no, no, Liu. He’s like all the other hunks in the house! We all have equal dibs on this guy!


Wait, I think I hear the doorbell!!! OMG, OMG, OMG….I think I’m going to faint!!! Does my hair look okay? Does this dress make me look fat? I’m REALLY happy, April gave me new body!!!!”

A welcome committee was appointed. Contrary to the pleas and begging of the other girls in the house, April chose Liu, Anna and Samantha (all of FR Kyori Sato doll heritage) to help get Atsushi settled. “It’s a cultural thing,” she explained. April thought there might be some special way for a Japanese male doll to be welcomed into the house. There really isn’t, but we Kyori Satos weren’t going to tell her any differently! LOL!!!!

“Girls, help me get him out of the box.”

“My, my…what do we have here!!!! He is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!!! Why I could just crawl in that box next to him.” “Yeah, but you’re not. April entrusted us with this job!”

“Let’s get him untied and upright.” “OMG, he’s GORGEOUS!!”

“H-E-L-L-O Handsome!”

“No, no, no….we have to do this Japanese style! Remember… special welcome for Asian boy!” LOL!!!!!


Kon'nichiwa, watashitachi no settaku ni kangei shi. 
(Hello and welcome to our humble abode!)

Arigatō. Watashi wa koko de sore o sukidesuru tsumorida to omoimasu!
(Thank you. I think I'm going to like it here!)

3 responses to “Royal Asian Hunk Arrival

  1. April! I didn’t know you speak Japanese. I worked at a Japanese company in the 1990s. The execs I worked for spoke in this kind of polite speech. Love these pics. Your guy is going to have his hands full.

    • LOL!! No, I don’t speak Japanese. I let Google translator do this for me. I was around Japanese people in my work & I knew them to be very tied to tradition and extraordinarily polite in the way they dealt with people! I named this doll after a Japanese student in my class during my 1st year of teaching!

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