“Have you noticed how the Royals are getting more and more beautiful as times goes by!?!”PFW2St.-Laurent4

April has reduced the number of girls coming into the house over the past six months. And she did promised only to consider a new doll IF she is exceptional. The trouble is…most of the new Royalty clan are….drop dead gorgeous. Take Grace, for example.NYFW-Nicolas-K

This tall, slim, chocolate brown doll–appropriately named after the iconic pop singer, Grace Jones–arrived before the holidays. She stands a majestic 13 inches tall (six feet tall by human standards). She was April’s “Christmas dolly.” Under normal circumstances, Grace should not have made a public appearance until after December 25. But when April removed her from the box to inspect her, she couldn’t help but to show her off. She was one of the dolls featured in April’s advent calendar and she was the face of Fashion Doll Stylist on the personal Christmas cards sent out to friends before the holidays. Grace is extraordinary, tall, elegant, silent and simply BREATHTAKING! I mean, she looks divine in absolutely everything and anything you put on her. And she doesn’t even have long hair. In fact, she has a boy haircut! Moreover, it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad picture of her. ALL angles are good. Whatever outfit she’s fitted for, she wears because she looks just that sensational!


I was lucky I got this job. Grace is definitely cutting into my work load!


“Grace has definitely cut into my bookings, lamented Katoucha. “Neither me nor my other Barbies buddies are getting nearly the work we did before!”

“My goodness…what planet did she come from?”


Dorian ONLY wears Chanel!!


“The planet Fashion Royalty! Have you seen Dorian? With her looks and that body, I can see how she gets away with demanding to only wear Chanel. Angelina

Her sister, Angelina, got Tiffany goodies right out of the box. Beautiful girls get EVERYTHING!”


Stefani upstaging Lady Gaga at the Oscars!


“Did you see Stefani, the doll in the Lady Gaga Oscar dress? She was killing it on the red carpet. Even Gaga was in awe of her.”Shakira

“Yeah, and more bad new….I hear there’s a blonde Latina bombshell making her way here tomorrow! Her name is Shakira!”

“Oh no!!! Will we Barbies EVER work again!!!!”