Shakira-portraitHola mis amigos. ¡Estoy aquí! Es un nuevo día y yo soy una muñeca !Shakira2

Translation: Hello my friends. I’m here!!! It’s a new day and I’m a new doll!Shakira3

First, my heartfelt apologies to the Barbie community. I am NOT an illegal alien dolly here to steal away all your modeling jobs. Even as a Royal, I totally understand your predicament and support your struggle for professional equality. All of you are beautiful and deserve to be considered for any job April deems you eligible. Shakira4

But PLEASE…. No me odies porque soy hermosa .Shakira-portrai2t

(Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!)



7 responses to “Shakira!

    • She’s even prettier in person. The combination of her dark tan (Latina) complexion, her facial features and the ash blond hair is really perfect. And she doesn’t look like any other doll in the house. I’ll eventually make garments for her. Wanted to try on things already here (like a ton of stuff) to get a feel on what she’ll look best in. All that’s missing is color!

    • Oh….mine is really smart! She’s being very “political” because she knows she’ll be knocking the competition out the door!! Here the dolls don’t have to fight over clothes because there is more than enough to go around. The real problem is who will get more modeling assignments & Shakira has already positioned herself as a supermodel!

      • I get that, at the moment Poppy and Natalia have not only stolen the clothes, they’ve done a bit of body snatching as well. Dominique is not happy with I in India at the moment.

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