About that Paris trip…

Barbie-Barbie1“That’s our heritage on view in Paris, you know!”

“Yes, I know, Carla.” Usually when April takes off for Paris, there’s not a lot of discussion over who she selects to make that trip with her. Everybody knows there are Barbies living in the studio overseas. Those dolls do the groundwork for Paris Fashion Week, exhibitions, shopping excursions. They’re not paid off with a lot of  clothes, but they do have complete autonomy to come and go as they please in between April’s trips. And of course, they model for the blog when April comes to town. For diversity sake, April brings over a few extra dolls who may, or may not be Barbies. But this time was different. The Barbies in the house were aware of all the major doll events going on in Paris and many thought they should have been shown priority in the selection.

“How did April think she could get away with not bringing more of us to Paris with her? I mean, what was she thinking by taking Royals with her instead of us on that trip?”

“Carla, I’m sure she wasn’t thinking. I mean, she chooses the girls they thinks will show best the clothes for the themes she’s planned in advance. And… she only travels with an onboard bag and her purse. Besides she ALWAYS brings us goodies back from Paris. Anyway, everything turned out okay. In the end, we did end up going..even if we had to do the trip ourselves.”

01 Barbie-arrival

Here we are….at the show of the century!!!!

“Yes, thanks to me!!! You don’t know what I had to do to get last minute tickets on Air Dolly Express for all of us! I owe LOTS of favors, everywhere!” argued Carla. When a contingency of us Barbies showed up on April’s doorstep in Paris, April scrambled to  move the photo shoot with the Royals to Cannes. She did this to avoid an all out fight between the two groups of dolls. April was not happy about this predicament but what was a doll mom to do? She couldn’t throw us out (or could she)! We might get dollnapped by some 10 year old or carried off by a stray dog! We are, after all, some of her best models. (We Barbies KNOW how to strike the perfect pose!!) Admittedly we did get a little worried when we heard April mutter, “hmmmm, maybe it’s time I bring more Royals into the clan.” (Between you and me, she was looking for an excuse for April to bring yet another Royal into the house!)

Knowing we had infuriated April, we decided to make our own transportation arrangements to get about town. Using DollCoins (an underground currency only known to fashion dolls), we hired a driver from Dollber (the 1/6 scale division of Uber) to get us to the Musee des Arts Decoratifs for the opening of the “Barbie” exhibition. Did we have invitations? No we didn’t. Clever dollies that we are, we simply explained to the guard that we were part of the exhibition and had taken a small break but got lost while trying to find our way backup the display case. And yes,  clad in the same little black dresses as those Barbies in the show, the guard did believe us and let us in!


We were able to pass ourselves off for the dolls in this display case in able to gain entry into the show!!!

Did it occur to the guard that Barbie dolls shouldn’t be walking around unescorted, much less chatting with him? Not at all. “Silly humans!” thought Eva as she struck a pose in a prominent space on the balcony outside of the entrance. There we were, vinyl celebrities surrounded by the splendor of this grand Parisian monument. How cool was that! In the midst of the crowds, each of us stopped to pose while adults and children snapped our photos. Then finally, after the chit chat, after endless glasses of champagne and countless rounds of photos and endless smiling, we went in to enjoy the exhibition. “It’s so good to see old friends again,” we all agreed. “I know April is angry with us, but this was so totally worth it!” declared Carla. “Barbies rule!!”


Great to see old friends again!! Beautiful fashion show!

We tried to avoid April but as soon as we spotted her taking pictures and jotting down notes on the other side of the room, we all rushed out and off to the next venue….the Musee de la Poupee, Paris’ Doll Museum to see the “Hollywood Celebrities as Dolls” show.


Yes, Mr. Bond. I’ll take that martini, shaken not stirred!!

And no, we did not have tickets to that show either. We sneaked in, crawling along the baseboards to avoid the eye of the cashier. Latoya looked up and pointed, “OMG, look there’s Sean Connery Ken!” He winked at her and offered to make a dry martini with shaker in hand! “Party in display case 15!!”Stars-John-Depp

Kate ran over to where Johnny Depp Ken was standing. He waved his sword to attract her attention then gave her a peck on the cheek. “He is a real doll,” she squealed. We didn’t ignore the Barbie stars. We got autographs from Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Cher, Grace Kelly and a dozen other Barbie doll celebrities before finally calling it a night! That was so cool!!!!!

The midnight hour was calling us home. So with tails between our legs and our heads hung down, we return to the apartment to face April and take our licks. She scolded us then ordered us to return to the Doll Museum the next day to write an account of the exhibition for her blog. “As long as you’re here, I may as well put you dolls to work.”

On our way back to the museum, we had the driver stop at Apple’s mini store. There we picked up a few toys: the latest iPhone, MacBook Air…..all, of course for “business” purposes, of course (charged to April’s account)!! (We also bought a second set to leave with our buddies in Paris.)


Carla and her new MacBook

We’ll be heros with these devises back home! We won’t have to wait for April to fall asleep to break into her iPhone and now we have a laptop with keys suited for our tiny fingers! That means that, if all goes well (and the dolls in the house don’t end up fighting over these devices),  we’ll be able to post more entries to this blog!!!!

“I just love these Paris trips!!!!”

“I think we better head back to the States before April gets the bill for all this!”


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    • Thank you Julie. If you ever get to Paris, there are 2 stores, in particular, specializing in dollhouse miniatures. Even though they are 1/12 scale, I found the laptop computer & the iPhone were just the right size for the 12″ doll. Tiny Frock Shop has a MacBook but I felt it was too big for my dolls. The laptop I bought from “Boite á Joujoux equates to a 11” MacBook for humans. I found one camera on EBay and another at that Paris store.

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