World Doll Day!


Ladies and gentlemen, we the dolls in April’s house would like to welcome you to our first event for World Doll Day, entirely organized by us. As you know, we were not happy about how things came about last year. We were not forewarned of this day and we were disappointed that April participated in an online survey where she stated who her favorite dolls were. We vowed to take over control of the event this year and that’s exactly what we did. April had NOTHING to do with any of this!!!! We are MUCH happier this year (even though we know this is far from perfect). We feel this is much more fair!

First of all, I would like to make a special tribute to a very lovely doll….Tyra. She’s a Tonner doll who was the first doll in April’s collection, long before the first Barbies arrived. She inspired April to bring many of us into the house. Who knows, without her, we might not all be here today. I love you Tyra for your contribution and place in FDS history!


Special thanks to Zak, our photographer.

In our house, we are a diverse lot, comprised of Black, Asian, White and Latina dolls, four doll families: Barbie–both real and faux, Integrity Toys aka. Fashion Royalty, Tonner, JamieShow, male and female fashion dolls. For this event, we drew up a few rules and regulations:
1. Only dolls are allowed to participate in the nomination and subsequent voting process. (April has NO say in this. She was prohibited from voting!!!)
2. Nominees for Doll of the Year must have arrived at the house anytime during  2015.
3. For all other categories, all dolls may be considered for more than one category.
4. Badly behaving dolls will not be considered. (Well maybe we’ll go easy on this one. Some of us have been a wee bit mischievous of late.)
5. If there are twins or triplets, only one sister may be nominated per category.
6. Voting will be by secret ballot. Those nominated may NOT participate in the same category. In other words–no voting for yourself!!!!
7. All doll families (including dollar store (or faux) “Barbies” of any age are to be considered during nomination process.
8. All dolls in the house (including dude dolls) are expected to participate in cleanup after the ceremonies.


The dark toned dolls add a dramatic tone to our stable of models. Each and every one of them is breathtakingly beautiful. Our nominees (l-r back): Nichelle, Jordan, Grace (1-r front: Sissilie, Waris,Katoucha. Winner: Grace. We love her dramatic photos. Impossible to take a bad photo of her!!!


We love the Hollywood glamour our fair haired friends bring to the table. Our nominees (l-r) Christie, Eva, Stephani, Adrianna, Gunilla (lower left front). Winner: Gunilla who chose to split her title with, FR dolly Christie. We love Gunilla’s gorgeous photo essays appearing on the Fashion Doll Art blog.


We all love the grace and elegance the Asian dolls bring into the house. Nominees: (Back l-r: Atsushi, Liu, Samantha, (front: Anna). Winner: Liu. Wile the Kyori family has been present in the house for awhile no one really brings a distinct and bold Asian flavor into the mix like Liu.


We are proud to say we have a Latina presence amongst us. Latinas are hot, savory and lusciously beautiful. We have to admit, though, there really weren’t enough Latin ladies in the house, so the Shakira and Nathalie adopted two other dolls as their sisters to round out this category. Nominees: (l-r) Nathalie, Shakira, Yvette, Kimora. Winner: Shakira.


We love these ladies and their colorful locks. Nice to see color on dolls! Nominees: (Back 1-r) Rene, Brie, Violetta, Muriel, (front) Stella. Winner: Brie, a red head with serious attitude!


Dark and mysterious, these dolls are simply stunning. Nominees: Angelina, Dorian, Samantha, Jordan, Carla, (front) Isabela. Winner: Isabela. Originally from the “Precarious Wild Bird” branch of the Tonner Antoinette family.


Almost everybody’s got long hair these days. But nothing sets a girl apart from the other divas than wacking off their hair into a short, chic hairdo. These girls really know how to rock a bob! Nominees (l-r): Veronique, Latoya, Tamrom, Anna, Monica. Winner: Monica.


We love when a girl goes au natural! These girls literally rock the house with their natural halos! Nominees: Katoucha, Nichelle, Roshumba, Gail. Winner: Nichelle, without a doubt. We especially loved her “Dark Chocolate pix in Fashion Doll Art.


These are the girls who are so good at welcome new dolls into the house or acting as liaison between us and April. Nominees: Jenny, Marpessa, Karen, Adrianna. Winner: Karen. Not only is she the doll everyone in the house loves, but she also serves as April’s avatar on most of our social media sites!


Ken dolls can be such dorks. But our guys are toting 6-packs and smoldering good looks. Nominees (l-r) Sean, Renaud, Zak. Winner (by a landslide): Renaud.

DWA Award (Dolls With Attitude)

What makes us all so valuable to April is our ability to look into the camera and pout or toss an aloof look from the sides of our eyes. It’s called attitude and some girls are better than others. Nominees: (l-r): Olympia, Liu, Nadia, Dorian, Brie. Winner: Nadia.

MISS BE-OTCHEWDD-Miss-Be-ocheOkay, so some of us take the attitude thing to an extreme. The worst doll in the house is…..(drumroll)…Gail! She takes no crap and has been terrorizing the Ken dolls for years


WDD-Most-Likely-to-HideOkay, so this isn’t really an award and we’ve all hidden a favorite pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry, but we wanted to draw attention to a growing problem in the house. Carla…..STOP HIDING STUFF!!! And while you’re at it, take that crown off your head too!!!!!

“That’s so not fair. It’s not like I’m the only one guilty!!!”


Royal guys are all hunks. We ladies would be equally happy with any one of them! But one is cooler than the rest. Nominees: (l-r) Xavier, Lamar, Atsushi, Loic. Winner: Lamar. Somehow, we just can’t get that vision of him at the airport out of our mind!!!!

MOST BOOTYLICIOUS: Nathalie (chosen by dude dolls)WDD-Most-Bootylicious

MISS LOVELY LONG LEGS: Carmela (chosen by dude dolls)WDD-Best-Longest-Legs

MISS SUGAR & SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE: Sissilie (chosen by dude dolls)WDD-Sweetest-dolly

DREAMIEST DOLL IN THE HOUSE: Violetta (chosen by dude dolls)WDD-Best-Moves

Violetta is the first (and only) BJD (ball-jointed doll in the house). She can move in ways the rest of us can’t even imagine. Her luminescent skin, flaming red hair and more “normal” proportions has all of us dude dolls dreaming of her!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the most prestigious part of our show….awards for our top models and best new doll!


These ladies, with their style and grace, bring a certain class to world of doll modeling. Nominees (l-r): Marpessa, Dorian, Olympia, Adrianna. Winner: Dorian.



Samantha, Grace



Marpessa, Nadia





There is tie in this category. The winners are: Samantha and Grace!!!! Congratulations, girls!


Nominees: Iman, Jenny, Jerry, Soowan. Winner: Jerry. These young ladies are part of our fabulous junior team of models in the house. Each and every one of them is great in front of the camera. However, we selected Jerry because of how far she has come since her arrival 1 1/2 years ago. She was one of the homeless dollies who knocked on our door. In the time since, she has worked hard on her look and style with the hopes she would be selected to model for April’s blog. She’s cool and natural and has a casual look different from the rest of us! Kudos Jerry.


Below are the photos of all the new dolls who entered the house throughout the  year 2015.



And the winner is……


Applause, applause, applause. “Thank you so much (wiping the tears of joy away). I would like to dedicate this award to all of my new and very lovely doll friends. You are all beautiful. We are all winners!” Applause, applause.

Ladies and gentlemen, that concludes our show for today. We wish you a very happy World Doll Day from all the dolls in the house!!!!


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    • Julie, I have a (free) app on my iPhone called “Collection” which allows me to form my own database including photos!!! I also use another app “Closet” to keep track of all their clothes, shoes, & accessories!

    • Thank you M-C. Glad you enjoyed it. There are a total of 109 dolls which includes the dollar store Barbies & a bunch of orphans that someone gave me. I’m too sentimental to sell or give them away.

  1. I just love this!
    For one, it’s so fun to see all your dolls and see them sorted in categories! (one way I can keep track of large numbers!)
    Two, I think they have done a fabulous job of organizing this event! Kudos Dolls and Dudes!
    Three, my dolls are inspired!
    I have been planning a June Awards Day (comes from being a teacher! It’s a June thing!) and although this has a different slant, my fashion girls are thinking it’s a great idea! And the little ones are thinking…Crowns!! Tiaras!!

    But, tell me…was there an after party? Would love to see THOSE photos!

    Thanks for the post…a little focus in a busy world.

    • This was a lot of fun to put together but a wee bit more work than anticipated. Next year I’ll tell the girls to start earlier in the week as it would have been nicer for them to change their outfits and to have a red carpet! (They’re already busy planning for next year!)
      After-party!! Hmmmmm…..not one of those dolls mentioned an after party to me but I’m sure one took place. And I, too would like to see those pictures!!!!

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