Dog Days of Summer

Too-darn-hot“Why oh WHY are we all dressed and in heels in this heat? Aren’t there any bathing suits stashed away in these piles of clothes? It’s too hot for fashion!”


I knew there was a bathing suit somewhere in the clutter!


It’s been a long, hot summer in April’s house! So hot, all style shows atop the piano have been suspended until further notice. Some of the girls and the guys have been fainting as the result of the high temperatures. “We just can’t stand any more!” everybody’s been crying. So all dolls were ordered upstairs to April’s room, the only spot with air conditioning. The dolls in the guest room were also brought in because it was even hotter there and those old gals were getting mighty sticky (NOT a good thing). So here we all crammed in the same room!


And this is only one small corner of the room!!!


We’re not the only ones suffering. It’s even affected April. She can’t seem to think in the heat, even with all the help we!  It took her two weeks to put together her last post on “Silver Wear!” All the clothes  were pretty simple. Even though there’s air conditioning in the room, we already had one black out where we lost power for 12 hours! And then there was that series of tiny brown outs where we lost voltage and nothing really worked properly. And even when things are working, April tends to switch between the fan and the cooling element to avoid stressing out the system. We are trying to cope….that is, those of us who bother to get out of bed in the morning.


We know you don’t get out of bed for less than $15,000 a day….but ladies, it’s time to rise and shine!!!!


Hey, you Tonner girls….WAKE UP!!! It’s time to get to work!!!!

Working in the summer months is difficult. Though the silver theme looks cool and sleek, the fabrics–lames, metallic leather–were anything but! Oh to be in a bathing suit. Why do we even have to wear clothes, for that matter. We have some very pretty lingerie, you know.As if this wasn’t enough, April put us in the light of the sun for photos. We have to stand motionless…in the heat….with frozen smiles on our faces……pretending to enjoy this. April, it’s too darn HOT!!!!! Our iPhones are hot. Our laptops are hot! All we want to do is to kick off our shoes, strip off our gowns, lay back and….CHILL!!!

“No my little darlings, we have to continue to work. There are readers who are waiting to see how you beautiful you are wearing the next hot trend!”

“This is the not so fun part of modeling! We are SLAVES to our métier! Condemned to be  be forever chic and beautiful so that humans will love looking and playing with us!”

“Oh Carla, stop being such a drama queen. There are worse things in life, you know. We could have ended up in some child’s toy chest, naked or wearing some chintzy Mattel outfit! I even heard somewhere that when April was a little girl, she dressed her dolls in…..(gasping) toilet paper!!!!”

“OMG! Tell me it’s not so! Poor dolls. No Chanel. No Versace….how did they even survive that part of her life!”

Not everyone is unhappy! “Brie, I’ve never seen you look so radiant. What did you do to your hair?”


The unexpected perk of high humidity days….a great new look!


“It’s all this heat and humidity. I simply sweated my hard hairdo out and voila! This is so much softer and more modern!”

“And you, Helena. I there’s something different about you as well.”

“Between the heat and humidity (and that cup of hot water I threw myself into) my hairdo softened up as well. Glad you like it!” Even the new girl, Sybille, sweated out her hard hat and looks so much sexier now!

“Wait a minute, we’re getting off topic. April, last week, I heard your friend mutter something about a swimming pool for us dolls…..

“A what!!???!!! Maybe I should cancel the orders on those new shoes I just placed. You don’t need stilettos in a pool!”

“Shoes!” “Stilettos!” Never mind about the pool, April. Now, did you want that pose with one hand on the hip or two?”


Did someone just say SHOES!!???!!!





3 responses to “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Yes, April, it was quite a long, hot summer! All my dolls got into their swimsuits in late June and I didn’t change them after that! Just want you to know I’m learning 1:6 draping using your YouTube videos. It’s working! It’s working! My Sonokong dolls are very hard to work with. The flat patterns were full of errors. The draping is resulting in some unusual dart placement but in the end the fit is great. I’m blogging about it and linking to your videos at The Enchanted Dress shop blog. Be on the look-out. I’m so grateful Carol at bywayofthanks got this at her blog, too. Otherwise I’d be totally unaware of your excellent techniques. You should write a book.

    • Emily, thank you for such kind words. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to YouTube. I’d like to do a few more. But they do take so much time. Once you learn the basic notion of draping, it’s so much easier & faster to create patterns because they come to life before your eyes AND you can create (or recreate) garments not possible through straight pattern drafting. In any case, great hearing from you.

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