Shoe Fight

Shoe-fight-cover“Mine!” “No, they’re mine!” “No. Mine!” “You can have something else, but these are MINE!!!”

“Girls, please!!! Stop fighting over the shoes!!!” It’s been a long, hot summer and the girls are a bit on edge. As promised, April ordered a bunch of shoes hoping to raise everybody’s spirits. Kudos to her, but curiously, one of those pairs of shoes was simply….too beautiful!

We can count on April to ensure we have all the basic necessities. I mean like we’re are thrilled that she took the initiative to make us very stylish espadrilles this summer! Moreover, she made them in two sizes so we all can wear them.

She’s also attentive. We got into her closet and were eying a really pretty pair of black satin heels with ribbons that tie around the ankles into a pretty bow. April went out and bought us the SAME shoes both in black and white!

For the Royals, she bought much needed beige heels and a pair of pink reptile stilettos.

“Gorgeous, April” chanted the room of smiling dolls. “Thank you soooo much!”

If April had simply stopped right there, all would have been good in the world. But, no! Out of her big shopping bag came the most incredible pair of footwear…..brown crocodile stilettos with tortoise platforms. Silence. Shoe-fight-brown

They were the most beautiful shoes the girls had ever seen. Smiles melted into dropped jaws and some drooling…..then without warning….April was rushed, pushed to the side and everyone began to grab the shoes and yell.

“Mine!” “No, I have to have these shoes.” “No you don’t, you got the silver shoes that you never shared with the rest of us!” “So what! You never shared the black ankle boots with chrome soles!” “No, it’s my turn to get new shoes and I want these!” “You’re not even wearing anything that matches!” “Neither are you.”

Suddenly, Nadja, the first to grab at the shoes, let go. “That’s okay, you can have them.”

“What’s up with her?” they wondered.

Unbeknownst to the others, Nadja spotted still another pair of shoes in April’s bag. Her heart stopped. She was speechless. They were the most awesome pair of silver and clear pumps she had ever seen! She knew she HAD to have them.  Before the others could react, she pulled up her smoky grey gown, slid her feet in the shiny new shoes and attempted to run out of the room.

“OMG! Look at what Nadja has on her feet!” “That’s not fair!” As they turned to confront Nadja, they let go of the brown shoes and another argument ensued.

While the girls were caught in the frenzy over these silver shoes they’d just discovered, Grace quietly entered the room to assess the situation. Without batting an eyelash, she walked over to the closet and slipped on a snakeskin print dress, tossed a brown lizard coat over her shoulders and snapped up a Louis Vuitton tote. Then she calmly reached for the brown crocodile shoes, slipped them on her feet, struck a pose and left the building!Shoe-fight-girl-in-croc


6 responses to “Shoe Fight

  1. I finally made it back to read about your girls! And I am in awe over the shoes! No wonder there were fights! Now girls, take turns. Hahaha

  2. April! You continue to work magic. The silver shoes are fit for Cinderella on her wedding anniversary. Beautiful. Just wanted you to know your YouTube videos are teaching me so much about 1:6 scale draping. Little by little I’m getting it! I blogged about it here and put up links to your tutorials along with a link back to your blog.

    • Thank you Emily. I’ve left a comment on your blog. Fashion Royalty makes the best shoes & boots for 12″ dolls. Those silver shoes are from a doll whose price tag was a bit out of my range. But I was lucky enough to find them on eBay for a not overly ridiculous price! I learned through another blogger, the benefits of buying nice footwear to compliment the garments. Great hearing from you.

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