Back in the Groove…

career-girl2First of all, we would like to apologize to our readers for coming across as spoiled brats these last few posts. We acknowledge that we are a privileged bunch of dolls but we do appreciate everything April affords us. However…..we have demons. You know the feeling….the more you get the more you want. We were born beautiful. We were fortunate enough to be welcomed into April’s home. And nearly every day, we have designer clothes, shoes, jewelry even tech toys thrown at us. What’s a doll to do?

True,  we have not been acting as we should recently. (It wasn’t our fault. It was the heat!!!) The fight over the shoes was shameful. We should have stood there silently and kept our thoughts to ourselves. To be honest, we had been hearing a certain political candidate speak out against always being political correct. So we decided it time to to speak our minds. “Oh hell no!” yelled April. She was angry. “If you cannot be at least civil to each other, then you will have to go!” Surely she could have boxed us up and tossed us downstairs in the basement to chill. Or worse….sent us back to the auction block. But instead, we got a good scolding and sentenced to a week without our high heels, our evening gowns and our designer bags.

“OMG!!! Our lives are OVER!” we cried. “We simply cannot be seen in anything not chic!!!!”

To that, April cut up a bunch of T-shirts and made what she called “Trash Couture.” “Are you serious, April?” We were horrified. We’re expected to wear cut up T-shirts? This stuff looks like it should be tossed in the trash!” We pleaded with April to let us keep a few of our favorite fancy things, to no avail. “Ha! Maybe you will learn to better appreciate  what you have, girls.”

And so we did what any other fashionista would do without their designer arsenal….we headed to the beach. (But we couldn’t go to Chanel beach because we didn’t have any stuff! No labels, no stilettos, no jewelry! We even had to find an obscure beach where we wouldn’t risk being seen!)tshirt-cover

I’m not sure where we landed but to our surprise….EVERYONE was wearing cut up T-shirts over their bikinis and jeans! “Everyone here is into Trash!” squealed Tamron. “Oh this is soooo cool.” And with that we all got decked out in our “Trash Couture” and rushed out to the boardwalk for pictures!

tshirt-4-girls-at-beachHere we are dipping our toes in the water while two of the Tonner girls actually took a dip!  (I didn’t even know dolls could swim!) Look at our cut and slash swimwear. tshirt-bathingsuit-tall-bacWe were BURNING up the beach!!!! So for five whole days….this was our lives…..sun, sea and sexy trashwear!

Meanwhile…back at the ranch….

The homeless Barbies got new bodies. Well, they’re not exactly new…they’re hand-me-downs from Iman and Billie, two Barbie S.I.S dolls that just got FR Poppy Parker bodies. It didn’t even matter that the bodies were neither articulated nor an exact match to their faces…Kirat and Miyotte were in seventh heaven at the prospect of having real Barbie bodies. miyotte-kiyat-new-body April even booked Kirat for a blog post on espadrilles! Iman and Billie, by the way, are still getting used to their new articulated bodies. “It takes some getting used to!” declared Iman who’s still a little weak in the knees.

And so….summer is now officially over. The temperatures are lower and more workable. We’ve all regained our composure. Some dolls have decided to study fashion design in able to assume a bigger role in April’s blog.oct-15-totmfashion-school

Many others are rushing from one catwalk show to another as Fashion month is in full session.

But there is one more good thing to report. exiting-cab

April has organized our clothes by color and type in portable closet boxes. And so far, most of them are in the room with us! (Don’t tell anybody, but that makes it so much easier for us! We simply drag the box out of the room, pick what we want and slip out of the house!)



We have LOTS more work right now. In addition to the blog posts, we’re now posing for the FDS Instagram page and putting in appearances on Facebook. And then there’s the trip to Paris next month to plan for. exiting-elevator

Before you know it…the Christmas holidays will be here! Note to self: have April make me a NEW black gown for this New Year’s Ball!

Bonne rentree, everybody!!!!








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  1. Well, it looks like your ladies have readjusted their attitude, I hope to your liking. I would hate to see any of them banned to the basement! Can’t wait to see what fashion season brings!

    • I’m thinking it was a bad idea to put all of these super divas together in the same room for over a month! Yes they have calmed down & are working diligently on their fashion week reports. The 1st one will be up shortly.

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