Trick or Treat??!!

trick-or-treat“I really don’t do Halloween.”

Normally April and a small contingent of girls are in Paris at this time of year. The A-listers dolls are usually sent off for a much needed rest before the Christmas holidays while the “second string” Barbies are awaken from their slumber to assume our places on the piano and all about the house.  Exceptionally, this year however, April’s trip was delayed, so  we find ourselves discussing whether we should celebrate a very strange human custom called Halloween.

Christie, one of the older Barbies explained the tradition, “This is the time of the year when humans dress up as all kinds of crazy or ghoulish creatures. The adults go to parties where the food and drink are doctored to resemble disgusting concoctions. And the children also get dressed and go door to door chanting “Trick or Trick” while demanding. candy. This sounds like so much fun. Let’s do a party this year. What do you think?”

“If we decide to participate in this tonight, do we have to look so scary? Can’t we go as high fashion models?” asked Laeticia?


Had to glam this witch look up a bit!

“No, dear. You’re already high fashion models. Pick something else.” 

“I think we should go as….glamorous, Haute Witches dressed in couture!” Pat suggested. Many of the girls agreed. “That’s a wonderful idea!”

“Boring,” insisted Stella, a Tonner doll. “This is an opportunity to show off our more creative side,” she insisted.

“Who needs couture when all around us are drawers filled with fabric. We can go as works of art.! With that Stella and the other Tonner girls commissioned April to make them masks. Not scary, funny or crazy masks. “We want something luxurious!”


The Glamour Witches of April’s House

The more this Halloween discussion circulated throughout the house, the more the dolls thought to put their on spin on it. “This tradition of going door to door collecting candy,” added Carla. “I vote to change the rules. I think we should go door to door and scream, “Trick or Treat” while asking for designer goodies.” “Another absolutely, delightfully fabulous idea!!!!” halloween-snapshot2


April had her doubts. “Do you really think people are going to give you Tiffany jewelry, Chanel glasses or Hermes wallets, girls?”

“We don’t know, but we intend to find out!” And with that, the girls headed over to the closet  to choose their gowns.

Surprisingly, not all of the dolls insisted on being so high maintenance. In the next room…. my unassuming, fun loving  Barbies who just wanted to have some old fashion Halloween fun just like the humans!


Claudia in her “sexy Hillary” costume.


One response to “Trick or Treat??!!

  1. Hahaha! Good one! I’ve never seen Hillary look so glamourous!
    But I love your ideas to trick or treat for couture, girls!
    If you make it to my place I’ll dig up some old lace April can fashion something with! And a few Christmas bells for your next dress up event…coming soon!
    Love those masks… April has done you a favor! Now you have masks for other events and times when a mask is…handy! I know you girls sneak out in the evening at all times of the year! Disguises!
    Now those ghoulish drinks? Guaranteed to take off a few pounds! Have some fun!

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