Our Favorite Time of the Year

dec14It has been a busy three weeks leading up to the holidays! Okay, so you haven’t heard from us in two months, but for good reason. As we’ve mentioned before, we are required to take a long nap while April is in Paris. At first we opposed  a practice we deemed cruel and unusual punishment, but with time, we’ve grown to appreciate these twice yearly slumbers. And faced with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season,  we are especially appreciative. All rested up and refreshed, we anxiously awaited April’s return so we could be dressed in formal wear for the end of year holidays. We LOVE dressing up!christmas-cover16April decided this year that ALL dolls should be properly dressed for the holidays. Usually her focus has been only to those dollies participating on the festivities atop the piano, but this year, there were enough party clothes for everyone in the house! Even the dollar store dollies–proud of their new bodies–got into the act. Off with the casual clothes…April found something for EVERYBODY! Big smiles all over the house!nye-girls-w-new-bodies

Before we continue, we would like to welcome this year’s Christmas dolly. She’s a  Barbie Top Model Nikki doll, renamed Akure and she is gorgeous. As with the case of last’s year’s holiday doll, April did not respect the December 25 start date to her contract. Akure was put to work immediately and appeared in the FDS Advent Calendar. However, Akure was so flattered, she never once complained!1-dayofchristmas16

April has been a very good girl this year. She brought two new guys into the house this year and refrained from brining in excessive numbers of girl dolls. So in addition to the Christmas doll, we all agreed to let her invite one more doll to reside with us this year.


Here’s a snapshot of Vanessa… She arrived just before Christmas, just in time for the holidays!


She’s an IT doll otherwise known as “Dree Hill,” who April renamed, “Vanessa” due to her close resemblance to actress/singer and former Miss America, Vanessa Williams. She is so pretty, we wondered why April had not brought her in sooner. She is part of the Color Infusion clan, a lineage of dolls who are taller and bigger than the rest of us. In fact Carmela, another CI doll (formerly known as Zara Wade), had to petition to have Vanessa brought in. April explained how she did not want to commit making separate clothes and buying separate shoes for another body type. But, as Carmela pointed out, new slopers and clothing were already made that she didn’t mind sharing, so Vanessa may as well come join us. So for as a Christmas present to Carmela, April surprised her with the unannounced arrival of her long lost, BFF. Such a selfless and generous gesture on the part of April…..I think!?!

Judging from April’s exceptional generosity this year, we must have been on our best behavior, too. She showered us with gifts–earrings, handbags, jewelry and some new, sexy footwear called “Stocking shoes.” nye-stocking-boots

Some doll even got new bodies like Waris, the first doll in the above photo! She is rockin’ that new body!!! Moreover, a record number of dolls were invited to be part of the Christmas scene in the living room. christmas-cover16

The popularity of the holiday season in the living room has grown through the years and frankly, this year, there was a mob on the piano. Not quite the standard of elegance from former years when space was abound, but a gleeful, environment that resulted in a good number of us posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I mean, like, it’s all about the getting your photo on social media, no?


Dollies singing Christmas Carols on Place Vendome, Paris for April’s Advent Calendar.


April did her Advent Calendar throughout the month of December. Those of us who were photographed for that found ourselves competing for the number of “likes.” I cannot tell you how..well….happy it made us feel to be told how beautiful we are.nye-cocktail-party1

And with New Year’s Eve now here….we traded in our red and gold dresses for black, white or silver. Even the dollar store Barbies proud of their new bodies, have gotten into the act. April dressed them in “real” fashion and they’ve been gushing all day! There’s no more room on the piano, but they’re cool about being nearby on the side cocktail table. In the meantime, the A-lister dolls have already begun making their entrance for tonight’s Black & White Ball atop the piano! (Rumor has it, they’ve been partying over there for the last two nights!)

Once New Years is over, that doesn’t mean the end of the festivities. Why, it’s just the beginning our new fashion cycle! The Golden Globes Awards Event on January 8 ushers in the start of our High Fashion season. Two weeks later, we head back to Paris for Haute Couture week then on February 9–A month of Fashion Weeks!!!! And then there’s the Academy Awards in Hollywood in early February! Red carpets, catwalks, high fashion, lots of glamour and lots more clothes! Is there anything better than a doll’s life!!!!

OMG, how the time has passed. Sorry, I gotta go. Every dolly who’s any dolly is already downstairs jockeying for position in the living room. I’ve got reservations for the central cocktail table bash. Yes, there are other parties in the house tonight–one atop the buffet table in the dining room and another upstairs in the guest room for the younger dolls. Poor April will be all alone tonight. Her room is empty (except for the furniture and all our clothes.) No one is standing on her dresser…or her bed stands.. or her chest of drawers. We feel totally guilty leaving her all alone tonight with no one to bring in the New Year with her. And though we feel really, very bad about this… nothing can stop us from our parties tonight! You know how it is. It’s New Year’s Eve and a girl has to do what a girl has to do—get out there and… PARTY like its 1999!

So, right now, even though we are still hours away from midnight, all the dolls in April’s house wish all of you a very healthy and wonderful…

 Happy New Year !!!!


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  1. Is this websiteapril_n_paris

    On Sat, Dec 31, 2016 at 12:16 PM, Fashion Doll Diva wrote:

    > April_n_Paris posted: “It has been a busy three weeks leading up to the > holidays! Okay, so you haven’t heard from us in two months, but for good > reason. As we’ve mentioned before, we are required to take a long nap while > April is in Paris. At first we opposed a practice we dee” >

  2. Happy New Year, girls! And guys! Well, you are a lucky bunch! You have your own crowded parties to go to, even changes of mood and venues! I can just imagine what you all get up to, while April slumbers in her empty room (let me remind you, April has a lively mind to keep her company, which you can all be thankful for. Save her a cocktail! Give her a special toast!) There are certainly enough of you to keep a party going until you all fall into your frozen dolly states.
    And a toast from me to all you beauties, new and…experienced. (Lol)
    Well done for a successful 2016! And wishes for an exciting 2017!

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