World Doll Day 2017-FDS Edition

WDD-Cover“Drats….we OVERSLEPT!!!! World Doll Day was eleven days ago and we missed it!!! How did that happen??!!”

“It’s not our fault. April didn’t wake us up in time. But that’s okay, we are going to celebrate this the way we planned!”

The dolls in April’s house wanted to maintain control over their own awards ceremony. Since April no longer handles this, she didn’t think to get the girls up and organized. Last year– the first year the dolls were in charge– many thought the girls got off to a good start, but other dolls felt left out. With the Royals dominating the photo shoots over at Fashion Doll Stylist and taking over as majority doll in the house, the Barbies felt they would never be able to win anything. And then there was the question of the B-level models: the older dolls, the faux Barbies, and the playlines who weren’t even part of last year’s events. So this year, the girls got together and changed some of the categories to include everyone.



Sheryl. We would like to tip our hats to Sheryl who’s been around the block for quite sometime! Sheryl lived in Trinidad before she arrived in April’s house. She won’t tell us how old she is (after all, a lady never tells her age), and though she has had a little work done, we think she still looks fabulous.



Nominees: Willa Mae, Kirat, Linda. Winner: Kirat

Life is a lottery and not everybody is born a genuine Barbie doll! But that never stopped these dollar store trans-brand dollies from dreaming. They begged for new hairstyles, new makeup and even new bodies that could bring them closer to bringing out their “inner Barbie.” Kirat, a West Indian dolly, came from a store in Port of Spain, Trinidad and was later found homeless in the back of a school closet. She worked her way to April’s house and did not stop until she became the “Barbie” that she is today.

“I am speechless. (Tears streaming down her face.) I just want to reach out to all those other trans-brander dollies to say….Follow your dreams.”



Lana. This is Lana running her first race. We didn’t even know there were girls in the house working out! But sure enough, there are some who feel dolls should do more than standing around striking poses. What we didn’t realize, is that we had a doll running in the Olympics.  And…she did it in heels!!!! You go girl!!!!

“Look, I was just trying to hit another shoe sale. I’m not sure how I got on that race track!”



Nominees: Monica & Helena, Kelly & Brie, Samatha & Natasha ; Winner: Kelly & Brie

There are a few sets of twins in the house. And for the most part, they’re pretty charming. We like how they use their twin-ness to play tricks on the Ken dolls or even April while she’s putting together her blog posts. (Yeah, that happens…) Monica & Helena are the sweetest twosome we know. And nothing beats the high powered duet, Samatha & Natasha. We were already loving Brie’s hoity-toity pout,, but when her sister, Kelly arrived, it was time to break out the popcorn and watch who could out “hoity toity” the other.

“I love my sister, but I have more class than her.” “Ha! You don’t know the difference between class and a hole in the grass, my darling.” (Noses of both dolls severely tilted up in the air.)



Nominees: Dorian, Liu, Angelina. Winner: Dorian

Speaking of frosty looks and “I-think-I’m-better-than-you” glamour pusses….. There are those dolls who’ve made a name for themselves with their “quiet elegance.”  They’re the girls who get fitted for the Chanel suits, Dior gowns and Tiffany baubles. EVERYBODY feels intimidated by them and they’re likely to get more covers on April’s blog than wolf whistles from the Ken dolls. But that’s okay with Dorian. She ultimately gets what she wants…. And she’s our winner!

“I would like to thank everyone who made this possible, my agent, my dressmaker April, and the good people of Integrity Toys who designed me to look this beautiful!”

MISS DWA (Doll With Attitude)

Miss-DWA-17While on the subject of snootiness…There are those dolls who take attitude to new heights. In fact, they have so much “attitude,” we have the impression they feel annoyed they have to share the house with the rest of the us. April worked closely with Kate who didn’t begin to defrost until AFTER April took her to Paris. And then there was Liu who got really picky about her looks and demanded not one, but 2 body transplants. Still nothing comes close to Meagan who, no matter how she’s dressed, looks pissed…. Come on Meagan, you really think you can do better than living with us in April’s house!?!!

“Whatever.” (Eyes rolling)



Gail. If you recall, last year, we had many problems with this one. Gail came with anger management issues, serious body image issues and a tendency to terrorize the Ken dolls. Since we saw her last, she’s had two body jobs and major attitude transplant. It turns out she was quite unhappy her original body was taken away from her, thus condemning her to a life without articulation. But with this new body, which allows her to express herself better, Gail is happier, is getting more work, and….has even snagged a boyfriend!!!



Nominees: Claudia, Ariana, Christie, Stefani, Natasha. Oh…wait a minute. No Natasha, your blond wig doesn’t qualify for this category, sweetheart. Sorry.


OK, let’s start over. Nominees: Claudia, Ariana, Christie, Stefani. Winner: Christie

All the blondes in the house are smoking hot, so this was a hard choice for our jury. (They are all winners, just ask the Kens!) However, this was an unanimous vote. Christie had a body job last year and has never looked better. She was originally an FR “Silver Society” doll with a very fragile body which eventually resulted in a broken neck when her sleep box was dropped. Since April rebodied her, there’s been no stopping.  She’s been spotted strutting her stuff on catwalks everywhere!

“Oh I’m so honored and grateful to everyone who made this possible. I would like to thank my original doll father who courageously sent me to my current doll mom, April; my best friend Murial for her support; the body donor…”

“Would someone please cut the mike.”



Nominees: Nathalie, Sybille, Shakira, Renee. Winner: Sybille

We love the Latinas. They bring so much spice and color into our mix of models. And the new girls are so beautiful. Really, all of them are winners. But since there’s only one trophy, we decided to award it to Sybille.  While we love the long, blond locks of the other girls, we just can’t tear our eyes away from Sybille’s traffic stopping flame red hair and that sassy cut. She brings to life everything she wears…especially when it’s RED! If we had our way, more of us would be wearing this hair color!

“Gracias amigos! Es un honor. Muchas gracias!!!”



Nominees: Veronique, Giselle, Yvette, Olympia. Winner: Giselle

We know that a Miss French category is not about ethnicity….it’s about attitude. We love the “je ne sais pas quoi” of these four ladies. They are all chic, effortlessly elegant, contagiously modern and naturally beautiful all at the same time! Ok so that describes most of us in the house, (work with me, please, just work with me) but these four really have that indescribable chic that French women seem to be born with. We chose Giselle….a sort of modern day Brigitte Bardot…but better!

“Oh mon dieu, je ne l’ai pas attendu. (tears in her eyes) Merci de tout mon Coeur a tout le monde qui a vote pour moi. Quelle honneur! Je suis tres touché.” (tears streaming down her cheeks but not ruining her eyeliner because it’s permanent.)


Miss-HairNominees: Renne, Akure, Nichelle, Jamilia Winner: Akure

The dolls of color insist every year on holding a “Who’s Got the Best ‘Fro” Contest every year. They all tend to get into heated debates over who’s got the best looking Afro. Fortunately, it’s never escalated into a hair pulling event! Those Model of the Moment Barbies seem to have a lock on this category. This year’s winner is Akure (April’s 2016 Christmas Dolly). Watch out…rumor has it, another sister with a better natural will be competing next year!

“Thank you but I think this crown is crushing my ‘fro.”



Every year, FDS covers the celebrity studded red carpet events: Golden Globes and the Academy Awards. And each time, the girls get all dressed up to try to outshine the stars. Some go as far as to model their looks line for line after the actress!  Nominees for the best interpretations over the past year: Stefani for Lady Gaga (top left), Carol for Kerry Washington, Tamron for Janelle Monae, who we expected to win but unexpectedly came in second after a last minute candidate. Winner: Iman!!! Good imitation, girl!


“Thank you but do you think this dress makes me look fat?”

MISS TALL DRINK OF WATER (voted by the Ken dolls)

Miss-Red-Carpet-SensationMaking the Ken dolls drool when she enters the room this year is….Vanessa. The guys got together and decided that she is the doll of their dreams. They love her blond hair, her smoky good looks a la Lauren Becall and her 13″ frame! Girlfriend, you are rockin’ that Stella McCartney gown!!!!

MISS CONGENIALITY (voted by the Ken dolls)


Sissilie. She’s that melt in your mouth, sweet thang that everybody likes…unpretentious, approachable, pretty with a sparkling personality. She makes all the guys smile.

MISS HOTTY BODY (voted on by the Ken dolls)


Jamilia. In a class all by herself, she is the life of the party with a smokin’ hot bod. She heads for Carnival every year where she shows off her assets wrapped in a clowd of beads and feathers! Her dance card is full for weeks to come! Need we say more!?!

“Let’s Dance!!!”

HOTTEST HUNK 2017 (voted on by the female dolls)


Nominees: Lamar, Atsushi, Marcus. Winner: Atsushi

When Atsushi arrived in the house, the girls were lined up around the block just to get a glimpse of him. (Of course, Liu has laid claim to him.) It’s not to say, anyone is turning away hunky Lamar or hunky Marcus or any other Fashion Royalty hunk….

Okay, so now we arrive at the highlight of the evening…the Model Awards.



Nominees: Mounia, Jennifer, Coco. Winner: Coco

There are lots of junior models around the house. Some have risen to celebrity status while others wait to be “discovered.” April doesn’t always have work for Barbies with junior looks, but when she does, she usually opts for a fresh new look. This year’s award goes to Coco….spotted on a Moschino catwalk a couple seasons ago. We love the innocence of her face. Now that she has a new body, we expect her to go far.



Nominees: Billie, Kimora, Joan, Roshumba. Winner: Kimora

All of these girls have pretty long track records as photo and runway models, but Kimora outpaces all of them thanks to her versatility. She brings her sexy kitten look to everything she wears. Social media goes crazy every time a photo of her appears.



This award goes to the most photogenic Tonner doll. Once again, this award goes to Gunilla (for the second year in a row). We just love this photo of her posing as Marie Antoinette.



Nominees: Marpessa, Ariana, Estelle. Winner: Ariana

This was difficult. All three ladies figure amongst FDS’s top Barbie models, especially when it comes to runway fashions. And while we think all three are winners, we would like to acknowledge the work of Ariana.


“Thank you, but I feel I must really share this with Marpessa who is just as beautiful, even though she is a brunette.”


Nominees: Veronique, Samantha, Giselle, Waris. Winners (tie): Samantha and Waris

There are about 16 top models in the house, so this is another difficult category for our jury. So it’s not surprising that we have a tie. After 10 minutes of being deadlocked, we decided to name both girls who will have to share the trophy.  We like Samantha for her strong good looks that works for so many different types of styles. But, we also like Waris for all the same reasons. In tribute to each, here’s a glance at their work.


Samantha, FDS Top FR Model 2017


Waris, FDS Top Model 2017

That’s it for this year. But before we conclude our ceremony, the dolls in April’s house would like to give a special award to Conner, a Little Darlings Dolls who is visiting from “DollTown” situated in Jano’s adorable, She came to study fashion with April this year and we all agree that Conner has been doing an amazing job assisting as photographer, designer, stylist and all around helpful doll. Let’s hear it for Conner!





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  1. I love this! Sooo nice to get to know your doll divas and dudes ( a little better each time)! And see who is getting some cred! Congratulations to all for putting this together, to the nominees and to the winners. And of course we are thrilled that our own Dolltowner, Conner, has been recognized by your girls! She must be thrilled…thanks everyone! Kisses! Hugs!

  2. This post was great! Loved seeing the girls get their awards! Loved them all, but I have to say, Lana running in heels in the Olympics has to be a favorite! And Little Connor from Dolltown is a cutie and I am sure a very big help to you!

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