Happy New Year!


New-Year-1It’s been a very long time. And it’s all our fault! April was so good to give us our own smart phone and tablet so that we could more easily communicate to you. But instead….yes we admit…..we spent the time and the resources calling our friends all over the dolly universe. Oh but yes….we were quite busy throughout 2018….. Lots of new clothes and accessories. But more importantly…..a substantial increase in the hunky male doll population!!!! And I suppose that too distracted our attention away from posting. I know….excuses, excuses….. But here’s our resolutions for the 2019.

  1. Write more to let you know what’s happening in the house.
  2. Be kinder to April who has been very generous and very busy making us new clothes and buying us new shoes.
  3. Don’t what to mention any names but SOME of the Barbies resolve to lose a little weight. Yes I know….but we suspect they have been secretly nibbling too many dolly fries because a few of those girls COULD NOT squeeze their little vinyl butts into some of those party dresses!!!!
  4. To behave ourselves and be kinder to each other!


In the meantime, you know we ALWAYS do a holiday party. There wasn’t enough space on the piano, so we took over much of the house. We are very happy to report…there were enough party dresses and gowns for EVERY DOLL in the house this year! We even had choices!!! Dancing was more enjoyable because there were MORE DUDE dolls this year! And the new guys were all FR HOMME dolls!!!! (Swoon, swoon….serious swoon!!!)


Okay so here are this year’s pix. We know this is a day late and a dollar short….honestly…we were too busy partying. Actually….the party is still going on. We call this New Year’s Eve party week! Woo-hoo!!!!!


On behalf of April and all of the dolls and dudes in the house…


…we wish all of our dolly friends a very merry, super fun, uncontrollably delicious, nothing but the best, ridiculously dolly-filled…..


New girl in the house. Sofia….she’s so incredibly beautiful. Don’t you just hate her!!!

Happy New Year!!!!


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    • Thank you. Well…over the past year, there hasn’t been much new to read. Nonetheless, will make an effort to get content up this year. Happy to reconnect with you.

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